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DJ Earworm's 2014 Mashup Has Arrived

This year's "United State of Pop" is out, but still doesn't live up to its 2009 older brother.
Station Manager

It's here...

Much like the Coca-Cola truck advert, or some D-list celebrity turning on your local Christmas lights, DJ Earworm has signalled the end of year since 2007 with his annual pop music video mashup "United State of Pop".

Embracing the 25 biggest pop hits of the last 12 moths, this year's mashup is titled "Do What You Wanna Do".

While far from disappointing, this year's mega-mix is not quite the club hit his 2009 masterpiece became. Why? DJ Earworm told Billboard it's primarily thanks to "the decline of EDM", but commented that his 2014 effort may be "the most blended instrumental [he's] been able to achieve yet."

DJ Earworm is best known for his 2009 mix, "Blame It on the Pop", which has been viewed nearly 45 million times on YouTube...


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