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Exclusive Q&A with Tiesto

URB speak to headliner Tiesto ahead of EDC UK. We talk Vegas, Olympics, and where the EDM movement is heading next...

You've been playing at various events in the UK for a number of years now. What do you find unique about the dance music scene in the UK?

Well the scene in the UK has been strong for so many years. it's greatly
influenced the global dance scene and the fans are amongst the most
knowledgeable in the world.

To what extent do you think the visual elements of performances contribute to the overall atmosphere during your sets, such as the Kinetic Cathedral at EDC?

I think it adds a lot. EDC is first rate when it comes to production, so
the fans will get an amazing overall experience.

Who else on the line-up for EDC UK are you most excited about seeing this year?

Unfortunately, I never really get to see any of the other performers due
to travel. I'm typically arriving to the venue slightly before the set and
take some time to relax.

Your current residency is with Hakkasan in Las Vegas. What do you think distinguishes the nightlife in Vegas from other places around the world?

It's really incredible because you have a situation where some of the
biggest Djs in the world are playing at some of the best clubs all within
a few miles of each other. Add in the fact that you're in the entertainment capital of the world and you have something truly special. Unlike anywhere else.

Where do you think the EDM movement will next take its stage? (Asia, like Steve Angello has suggested?)

Well, Asia has been supportive of dance music over the years. Zouk, in
Singapore, for instance. But I think overall dance music will creep in and
get more popular in less traditional markets. I also think that it will
continue to grow in places like the UK and the USA. The fans have so much

Why did you start your own record label?

It¹s called Musical Freedom and that really says it all. I wanted a place
to release music without any genre boundaries.

What do you enjoy playing more in your sets, new music or some of your classics from the trance days?

I like playing it all. It's cool to see the fans enjoying the classics,
but I really love seeing the reaction to new tracks. That's exciting.

Deep house is becoming increasingly popular in dance music, particularly in the U.S. Do you think the scene will begin to shift from the big-room/electro towards a deeper sound?

I think you are seeing deeper sounds getting more popular. My label
released Gecko from Oliver Heldens and now he's a star. But I think
there's room for all different genres and producers will continue to
experiment and push the envelope.

In between production and DJing, how do you relax?

I'll take some time off here and there and hang out with friends. Nothing
too crazy.

What has been the defining moment of your career? For example, playing at the Olympics?

The Olympics was a very special moment for sure and it's up there. I'm not
one for thinking too much about awards, but receiving the Grammy for my
remix of John Legend's All Of Me was pretty special. This was totally
unexpected and I remixed it because I just really liked the song. In fact,
the track was originally released free. So from start to finish, how this
came about and leading to a Grammy was fantastic.

Thanks Tiesto!

Tiesto will be headlining EDC UK on Saturday 11th July.

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