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Some motivating music to give that essay the gravitas it truly needs!

Starting to feel like you need some motivating music to give that essay the gravitas it truly needs? Or the heroic atmosphere that your all-night library session deserves? Then look no further! Here at URB we’ve done the hard work and trawled the world of cinema to find the best revision soundtracks around!

The Dark Knight Rises

Hans Zimmer kicks off this list and it certainly won’t be the only entry from him – The Dark Knight Rises OST

Lord of the Rings

The entirety of Howard Shore’s Lord of the Rings soundtrack is amazing but ‘The Breaking of the Fellowship’ stands out as featuring elements from the music of all three movies.


The soundtrack to ‘Braveheart’, composed by James Horner, is a great last song for any revision session – especially for when you run out of the library shouting ‘FREEDOM!’

Chariots of Fire

For those last few lines of an essay you simply need the ‘Chariots of Fire Theme’ by Greek electronic artist Vangelis.

Jurassic Park

For the biologists out there, Jurassic Park’s main theme, composed by John Williams, is an absolute winner. Plus, if worst comes to worst in the exam, just quote some of the science bits from this movie; its totally accurate…

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Ennio Moricone’s ‘The Ecstasy of Gold’, used in The Good, The Bad and The Ugly should help even the worst procrastinators – a soaring orchestra with a western twist! What more could you want?

Mission Impossible

Mission Impossible; composed by Lalo Schifrin and perfect for anything involving some code or a particularly hard equation.

True Romance

Perhaps the most optimistic of soundtracks on this list and Hans Zimmer’s second appearance with ‘True Romance’.

The Intouchables

If you can hold back the tears, ‘Fly’, taken from The Intouchables and composed by Ludovico Einaudi is great.


The last entry on our list, and Hans Zimmer again! Inception’s awe inspiring main theme, ‘Time’, is enough to get anyone motivated.

Happy – or at least bearable – revising!

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