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Panic on the Parades of Bath

Our guide to get you through the chaos of SU Officer Elections.

Semester 2 is well under way now and just like house hunting, Student Union elections seem to be taking place even earlier this year. However, there is some good news, the feels like an eternity of campaigning has been condensed into a week, which will at least appease if not please many of the students. The bad news, the parade outside the library is going to be an obstacle course for the next week so we have put down some helpful tips to navigate your way through the chaos.


The best way to avoid unwanted attention is to completely avoid the area in front of the library, so where possible keep as close as possible to the steps away from the library entrance, or if you can use the walkway which goes round level 3 of the library. It is possible to get from 5W to the SU without going outside, perfect for a rainy day and avoiding being spoken to on the parade.

To go the extra mile, keeping your hood up, having headphones in and a stern facial expression should in most cases seal the deal. A wise man once said?

Hood up
Facial expression
Alternative routes

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