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Exciting news from Temples


Laura Caune

It’s a great time to be a Temples fan as there are loads of exciting things coming up!
Firstly, Temples recently shared the video for their new single Certainty from the upcoming album Volcano. Both the single and the video are as colourful and confusing as you would expect from a psych-rock band that looks like a grandchild of hippies and glam-rockers. The director of the video, Alden Volney, said:

“This is based on a recurring dream I have been having since childhood about getting into a sea of plastic. So when the band approached me about doing something inspired by those JPOP videos that ooze quirkiness and eccentricity, I thought injecting the color palettes and aesthetics of Japan into this idea could be a good fit. It’s designed to feel like a fever dream you’d have after spending too much time in a Japanese dollar store.”

Secondly, Temples have officially announced that the new album Volcano will be released on March 3rd 2017. Their 2014 debut album Sun Structures was very well received by the critics and Noel Gallagher himself once called them the best new band in Britain. Hence, it is all the more exciting to see what more the band has to offer! James Bagshaw, the lead singer says: “If there’s a sense of scale, it was really just a result of implementing a load of things that we didn’t know about the first time around.”

And finally, Temples have also announced a return to the UK stage! They will play Brighton on December 16th, Hebden Bridge on January 22nd and London on March 30th.

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