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All year round, us fellow Britons look forward to this one particular time of the year. A period full of sunshine (if we have an optimistic attitude towards the British weather), non-stop music and a time for meeting new and exciting like-minded folk. As many of you may have guessed by now, the period which I am advancing towards is ‘Festival Season.’ As we associate festival season with summer, we tend to prepare and decide– in advance – just exactly which festivals we will attend throughout the summer period. But most importantly, we hope to make the right decision as to selecting the festival, that will kick start our summer in style! Nevertheless, this decision was done with ease, as the long anticipated second edition of “Lost Village” ticked all of the boxes, required for satisfying our every needs, allowing festival season to commence.

Located deep in an abandoned forest in Lincolnshire, attendees were invited to escape from the everyday mundane world, indulging in a 3-day marathon full of adventures. Upon arrival, attendees were greeted with a full day line up across the ‘Burial Ground’ and ‘The Lookout.’ With the most challenging part of the day consisting of assembling tents, it also allowed attendees to meet and greet neighbouring campers also preparing to aboard a musical journey into the woods. With each and every tribe being assembled, it was now time to enter the Lost Village! With the sun glistening through the high treetops and an array of lanterns aligned amidst the shrub, the Burial Ground was that of an immersive and encompassed space. With Mella D playing sounds to transform our mood from day to night, we could prepare ourselves for a deeper and darker trip. With the likes of Ben UFO and Ben Klock taking over the decks, the Burial Ground transformed into a techno haven. As Ben Klock wrapped up our commencing night, tribal goers were still able to embrace the Friday night/Saturday morning, returning to each tent with newfound tribe members, reminiscing under the stars.

So a new day has begun, the number of tribes has increased and the weekend is upon us. With the sun beaming through the campsite, it was both refreshing and enlightening to observe each tent prepare for a new adventurous day (be it smothering one another with glitter or face painting -following a tribal scheme). Upon arrival, there was a noticeable and significant increase in the number of attendees, which only created feelings of anticipation and excitement. Nevertheless, ‘The Lookout’ delivered a refreshing and uplifting atmosphere, with ‘The Age of Luna’ drawing in the crowd with the soulful sounds of the saxophone and an old school hip-hop melody. Creating a tranquil yet elevated ambiance; ‘The Lookout’ was a perfect space for lounging, indulging in an array of food and recharging those dancing shoes.

As Artwork took over the decks at the ‘Abandoned Chapel,’ we were taken on a unique journey through the sounds of Disco. With this was a mood created of unity, happiness and joy, whereby attendees could be seen singing their hearts to Fleetwood Mac’s classic ‘Everywhere.’

However, as the night grew upon us, tribes were seen to assemble at the Forgotten Cabin, for an ‘Innervisions and Life & Death’ filled night. From Mind Against, to Âme (Live) and Floating Points, tonight’s Cabin was filled with a psychedelic sensibility and melodic remedies. With Irish DJ and producer Mano Le Tough playing the concluding set at the Forgotten Cabin, an atmosphere was created with Mano bringing Africa into the Woods. During his set, tracks, which elevated the tribal sentiment, include “Gnoukobala” by DJ Bamanan and “O Fantasma (Kadebostan Tigercity Part 3)” by Lalou and Kadebostan. Whilst Mano’s set terminated at 1am, tribal goers were able to continue the night at the Lookout, with Tom Trago. This is where the magic continued, where a mass number of attendees assembled for the final hour of the night. And let’s not forget, the beautiful scenery of the fireworks, which, amongst the tribal madness, allowed for a moment of tranquillity.

With the final day upon us, there was a sense of realisation as to how quickly the weekend had gone by, but also, as to the amount of fun that had been experienced. Nevertheless, there was still one more day left for exploring and unravelling the stories in the woods, meaning, that the woods were still waiting. Deep into the woods within the Burial Ground, was none other than SG Lewis. Delivering a short but sweet live act, Lewis and his ensemble put on an electronic produced show, assisted with vocals creating a relaxed ambiance and channelling the vibe. With Bondax taking over the decks into the early hours of the night, the duo could be found playing tracks to revive the crowd, including “Trouble” by Sandy Rivera.

Not forgetting the Forgotten Cabin, where the likes of John Talabot and Roman Flugel could be seen raising the crowds spirits, amidst the spirit lights of the lanterns. To conclude the night, tribes could be seen hailing towards the Abandoned Chapel, where Innervisions DJ and producer Henrik Schwarz put on a phenomenal concluding live set. Well known for pushing musical and technological boundaries, Schwarz delivered a unique live production experience, creating a surreal experience. This was one live set and performance that could not be relived. So for those that were fortunate enough to have experienced the moment, you will understand the true meaning of magic. Reproducing one of his very own tracks (“Eye Nyam Nam ‘A’ Mensuro” by Henrik Schwarz, Pat Thomas and Ebo Taylor), Schwarz created a magical moment, which words could even describe, leaving me to conclude with, what happens in the woods, stays in the woods.

After reminiscing and revisiting the best moments and memories created at Lost Village, I can firmly conclude that, our festival season has really and truly commenced. From its musical enlightenment, spirit lights from within the lanterns and every tribe assembled, Lost Village is more than just a music festival, but a mystical journey waiting for YOU …

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