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Bath International Music Festival is coming to town!

From Friday 15th May - Tuesday 26th May, Bath will welcome hundreds of world class musicians and hours of live music.
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Bath International Music Festival is back

For the 67th year, Bath International Music Festival will be bringing us the best in jazz, rock, world, folk, classical and more. Many of these events are free, and there will be a whole host of exciting venues to explore.

Whether you want reward yourself after a long day in the library, or just want to visit one of the 'In Conversation With...' pro sessions, it will definitely be music to your ears.

The Festival launches with their Party In The City (the biggest free show in Bath!) THIS Friday 15th May. The opening night starts at 5.30pm and the party goes on til midnight - there'll be over 2000 local performers at the party! It'll kick off at Bath Abbey and we're told it will involve secret performances and a giant disco turtle called Turbo. Quite frankly, we'd go for the turtle alone.

It's a busy few weeks ahead, so if you want a live music break, you know where to look.

For more information, click here

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