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Play Snakes and Ladders with Wiley

To celebrate the release of his new album, Wiley's label, the legendary Big Dada, have made a game of grime snakes and ladders that you can play now

Wiley's new album, Snakes and Ladders, came out yesterday and it's both a return to form and a return to his roots. To celebrate you can watch the video for lead single and legitimate banger On A Level above and play a grime edition of Snakes and Ladders below.

Pay special attention at 0:44 of the video to catch what might be my favourite development in fashion since Kanye West, the sandal football socks combo. That's 6 Nike logos on show right there, I bet you're wearing two tops because you're an amateur.

Nike kicks? Nah man, in the UK we go double Nike, sandals and football socks mate

Follow the link to play the game and get the album


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