This is the annual karting competition between UK universities. This year, like last, we will be using Club100 100cc 2-stroke karts in a 2 hour enduranece race in teams of four. There will be FIVE rounds in the championship.

Many of you will want to take part, but to do so you MUST take part in one of the two BUKC test days, or have driven in a round last year. The tests are official BUKC tests attended by every univeristy in the championship and using the Club100 karts.

The dates for the test days are:


The rocket scientisits among you will have noticed that the first test day is NEXT WEDNESDAY at Buckmore Park, which alos happens to be one of the (if not the) trickiest circuits on the calendar.

Every person attending a test session will recieve 40mins of track time. The cost will be 35 including transport (the entry fees for the BUKC have gone up slightly this year).

Unfortunately, we are limited to only 12 drivers in a test session, so if you wish to participate in the championship this year, please put your name down asap! Also state if you want to be picked up from uni or town (train station).

For Buckmore, we will be leaving early at 8:30am the morning, and returning late at about 9pm.

For Whilton, we will be leaving at 1pm, and returning at some ungodly hour, probably midnight.

Those of you who just want to experience these karts are welcome to come along too! It wil be First come First served for the first test day, so be quick!