Legge House 2003 - Journey

Written by Tim Wakeling – BANG! Publicity 2002–2003

Moved one week later from usual, we still managed to clash with the UCCF Christian Union Committee Training Weekend we were trying to avoid. But what can you do? Nevertheless the weekend was very successful, if stressful to organise and run! An especially big thank you goes to Emily for her tireless work co-ordinating the catering.

Friday night saw us all arrive at the centre and have our first meal together before Speaker Number 1 took the stage for a fantastic PowerPoint presentation on the archaeological evidence for the Bible. After all, we have to be sure we can trust that before we can begin to go any further…

Games are always good, so we filled the remaining time with snooker, Mafia and silly book reading before Compline closed the night.

It was my 21st birthday on the Saturday and we awoke to a glorious morning which started it all off well. Morning prayer was led by Tobie Osmond and session one was on “Hear God” – how do we know where God wants us?

Then after a superb lunch, despite the darkening clouds we headed off (well, six of us – Steve, David, myself, Beth, Gemma and Sam) for our traditional walk. This time we went west from the centre. We trudged through muddy fields in the intermittent rain but have lots of fun with delirious enthusiasm mixed with entertainment as Steve leads with his Moses staff through the mire.

Anyway, as navigator it’s difficult as always to admit that we’re lost, but lost we managed to get all right, as we headed into a patch of woodland that we thought was several kilometres further on than it was! Still, the “Salthrop House” sign revealed our whereabouts, and we walked up the road to the red phone box in the middle of nowhere. I went on ahead a bit, got to the said box, and looked knowingly up to the group coming down the hill towards me. I shouted “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

They were, of course, so five of us piled into the box and David took a couple of pictures of our squished huddle. Next we headed over to the path home, but blocking our way we found two obstacles. A field of horses, and electric fences galore! Looked like the farmer resented the public footpath on his fields. But after a brief discussion, we pressed on, ducking and climbing the four fences around the horses – as the rain started to come down again – and made it home via several blocked up bridges and more mud.

The evening consisted of our final session, “See God” – Where’s God when I can’t see him? with Tobie, which was really good, before degenerating into music, games and chat.

Sunday brought with it a stunning morning that ought to have been observed by the sunrise walking team had they not cancelled the night before, but anyway we had a good communion service led by our ever present friend and Anglican Chaplain Barry.

At the end of it all, we went our separate ways with four taking the train from Swindon station and four going in Barry’s car. The station crew – Beth, Steve, Sam and me again – were sufficiently silly that the 40 minutes’ wait for the train just flew by (the wait, that is, not the train). Especially for the puzzled and perplexed onlookers…