Legge House 2002 - Witches, Wizards & God

Written by Tim Wakeling – BANG! Publicity 2002–2003

With the near-simultaneous release of major film blockbusters Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, magic was certainly a relevant theme. So we took Harry Potter and ran with it for this weekend, with four sessions based on a study of the Goblet of Fire.

Three cars took us up to Legge House as usual on the Friday night. At the same time, students and chaplains were heading to Lee Abbey, Devon, and CU committee members were going to their weekend away! When we arrived, all ten of us, we settled in quickly to the familiar place, with its pool and snooker tables, and table tennis.

After dinner, we had the first session led by Kerry, which began with the Post-It game of course!

A mysterious error in the programme had timetabled “Jog with Tim” for 5:00am each morning. Sadly not one of the others present was able to join me for this invigorating exercise on either occasion. So Saturday began, as usual, with breakfast. Next up was Session 2, on Adolescence, led by Gemma.

In the afternoon, we had a gentle stroll along the Ridgeway, under the calm cloudless sky. Well, replace “gentle” for “tricky”, “stroll” for “plough”, and “calm cloudless sky” for “snow blown into our faces by the howling gale”, and you get the picture. We visited the monument before returning to the shelter of the cars while the worst blew over. Then we walked along to the fort, around it, and back to the cars, by which time we were quite cold enough thank you!

After hot tea and delicious cakes it was time for Session 3: Ambition. Beth led us on this one.

On Saturday night the game was Taboo – Pharmacy versus the rest. Mercifully few pharmaceutical terms were used by the team with obviously more insider knowledge than us, but we got the word “Pharmacy”... Afterwards, a snake puzzle distracted Sally-Jane for the rest of the night, and Sunday morning too!

Sunday morning, and milk was short so Tim went on the second jog of the day to get some… before leading Session 4 on the topic of Good and Evil. Barry led us in a Communion service with Sarah Hiscock providing superb musical accompaniment.