Legge House 1999 – 1+1+1=1? The Trinity

The links in the following text are to photos of the event in question.

February 26th to 28th 1999 – dates that will forever be etched on the minds of those who attended this year’s BANG retreat! The event took place in Legge House, on the edge of a village called Wroughton (near Swindon), which proved to be an excellent venue. Jonathan was particularly pleased the the bottom bunks were not too close to the top ones, as he thought they had been at Wick last year, but still objected to the organizer’s ridiculous idea that there should only be the one male dormitory when there were so many spare beds!

After arriving, unpacking and eating a meal, and after Matthew had found a piece of paper to write down quotations, new meaning was brought to the terms “mechanical engineering” and “crumple zone”, as teams of 2 or 3 attempted to build, from newspaper and cotton wool, a device that would stop an egg breaking when dropped from a height of about 2 metres. After Compline at 11.30pm, sensible people went to bed, whilst Tim and a few others stayed up, in the process inventing a game that was named “transcendental table tennis” by Tim!

After a short service, Saturday morning commenced with Simon Airey (from Bath Abbey) leading a session looking at the grace of God the Father. This was followed by a time of “fun and games” where BANG were meant to be introduced to parachute games. As those in charge of the weekend had gone out food shopping however, any semblance of order had disappeared and people amused themselves playing snooker in the games room, putting (transcendentally of course) on the centre’s own putting green, or continuing with transcendental table tennis. Quite a large party of people had a look around Wroughton parish church.

After lunch, the braver people present went out for a walk. This turned out to be quite an adventure, as BANG survived several hail storms and Kerry fell over in and got stuck in the mud! We were treated to an exemplary display of umbrella use by one foolish member – just a shame it was on a windswept hill. In the end, Tim was forced to “report” (his word) Angela for playing in the mud, and was seen running up a hill to tell everyone else, whilst shouting “Run away! It’s the moon!”

After arriving home and changing muddy clothes, BANG were educated (no other word for it) by Barry Chapman (university anglican chaplain) on the theme of God the Son. Barry looked especially at historic facts about Jesus and how these can link in with faith. After yet another meal, a small group departed for the local pub, where they had great fun watching the landlord showing a couple how to play darts and recovering initial details about the knowledge of buses of one BANG member. Those remaining in Legge House watched the films “Austin Powers” and “The Lion King” on video. Once again, Tim and his merry band of transcendental table tennis players stayed up into the early hours of Sunday, with the committee team twice defeating the “plebs” team – although they could only achieve this by cheating the second time!

Sunday’s proceeding opened with breakfast followed by a session about God the Spirit led by Sue Henderson, university URC chaplain. This session closed with Sue attempting to inspire BANG to depict the Trinity artistically – with varying levels of success! This was followed by a communion service , also led by Sue. All that remained to do now was to pack up, eat lunch and clean up Legge House before departing for Bath.

It is probably fair to say that everyone who went on the retreat had a great time, and would thoroughly recommend anyone else to go on next year’s. Many thanks must go to everyone who helped organise or took part in this superb “experience”, especially Liz (who can now stop worrying), Kerry, Arwen, Sarah Sheppard, Simon Airey, Barry Chapman and Sue Henderson.