Autumn 2010 Programme

Unless otherwise indicated, all meetings are in the Chaplaincy and start at 6:15pm, with people arriving from about 6pm. They will end by 7:30pm, although we sometimes go to the pub afterwrds. This programme is only approximate, so please join BANG! on and keep checking your email for the latest information regarding all events.
All are welcome at our events, regardless of background or whether you’ve come before.

28 September 2010: Introductory Quiz.
Do come along and find out what Bang! is all about, meet some new people and take part in our quiz. You're welcome to come either by yourself and we'll find you a team, or bring some friends. There will be cake!

05 October 2009: Discussion- Do dogs go to heaven?
Our secretary Ruth will lead our first discussion on whether dogs, and all our favourite pets (and toys) for that matter, will be in heaven. Will I see ever Fluffy again?

12 October 2009: Social- treasure hunt.
Get to know campus and other people better as we organise a treasure hunt! More to follow.

19 October 2009: Discussion- What should be the Christian response to sustainability?
Our treasurer Chris will explore some of the issues surrounding the environment and sustainability, especially food production. What should the Christian response be?

26 October 2009: Discussion- Balloon debate.
We encourage Bang! members to take the role of a character from the history of the Church and defend their corner as to why they shouldn't be thrown out of the balloon. I'm Brian and so is my wife sort of thing.

02 November 2009: Event- Tower tour/pub trip.
We are planning a trip to Bath Abbey to climb the tower. The views over Bath from the top are very impressive! We will follow up our visit by a trip to a local pub.