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Photos – Retreat 2006
Friday 24 to Sunday 26 February

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The diccussion board was turned into a large game of hangman / pictionary / general rambles.

Lots of snooker was played; and yes, Ed did wear his dressing gown the entire weekend. Even on the walk.

The Walk was themed. WE PLAYED MONOPOLY. Every site of interest on the walk could be bought, and surprizingly when money was running low there was always a chance of winning the lottery. You also won money for interesting styles of crossing a style.

There was only one game of twister, but it went on for quite a long time...apparently Christing was cheating, as well.

Here's Christine with Laura's adorable bear, Cookies; I don't know what's happening in the other photo.

There's never a shortage of food on retreat. CAKE is a big favourite.

The Merry Crew