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Photos – Retreat 2005
Friday 25 to Sunday 27 February

The thumbnails are links to larger images. Higher resolution and quality images and prints of any of these are available; contact for details.

Friday Supper
First things first -- supper!

Steve and Christine on the sunrise walk  Stephen climbs a stile  The Sunrise Walkers
A hardy few went on a sunrise walk; the photo on the right shows them all.

snow  Christine's breath!  Watching the snow  Crouching in a field
They did see some snow, and what I'm assured is Christine's breath!  They watched the snow and "crouched in a field full of pregnant sheep" (their words, not mine!)

Inside the Jelly Baby cake  the top of the Jelly Baby cake
Laura made a legendary jelly baby cake.  The left picture shows what was inside, the right what it looked liked from the top.

Playing Snooker   Alison, Claire and Laura
As ever, lots of snooker was played; Laura even wore the triangle (quite a lot, actually).

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