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Photos – Retreat 2004
Friday 27 to Sunday 29 February

The thumbnails are links to larger images. Higher resolution and quality images and prints of any of these are available; contact for details.

Matthew cutting  Sally Jane's cake
Not having a trimmer, Matthew resorts to drastic measures to cut up the service sheets; Sally-Jane's cake sits placidly, unaware of the fact that in a few hours it will be voraciously consumed.

drinking tea  SJ and Steve fighting 1  SJ and Steve fighting 2
A peaceful tea drinking scene; Sally-Jane and Steve fight to the death with washing-up liquid.

Playing snooker   Steve playing snooker  Beth and Anne playing snooker   Matthew, Jonathan and Pirkko
Lots of snooker was played by almost everyone; Steve takes a shot; Anne concentrates; Matthew looks bored whilst Jonathan and Pirkko look intently at something out of shot.

Tim makes tea    Saturday lunch
Tim makes tea; Saturday lunch.

The start of the walk   Can you guess what it is yet?   Panoramic photo of the walk
At the start of the walk; Can you guess what it is yet?;  A fancy panoramic shot.

Us on the standing stone   BANG! members in a tree!   Tim leaping
The famous standing stone (plus a few hangers-on); Branching out from the traditional idea of group photos; Tim makes a death-defying leap

Candlelit supper  arty shot of candles  Who needs sleep anyway?  Steve takes charge.
A fantastic roast dinner by candlelight; Steve's arty candle shot; The "3.30 crew" were keen to get the most out of every hour spent at Legge House; Old Steve takes charge.

Jonathan beating eggs  cooking  The Insect-O-Cutor
Jonathan shows the eggs who's boss; Sam and Matthew preparing cooked breakfast for lunch; the legendary "Insect-O-Cutor".

Group photo  Group photo (closeup)  Five years of BANG! chairs
Group photo; Group photo (closeup); Five years of BANG! chairs.

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