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Photos – Retreat 2003
Friday 28 February to Sunday 2 March

Each thumbnail is a link to a larger version.

Legge House  The village church opposite Legge House
The location as always the beautiful Legge House opposite the quintessential English church


The Group - all ten of us on Night 1
The Ten Who Began: Barry, Emily, Steve Welch (Em's dad and speaker for Friday), Beth, Tobie Osmond (our other speaker), Sam, Steve, Gemma, David and Tim. Sadly two of these never made it to the exciting conclusion, but we'll let them off cos they were really good speakers...


All of us in a circle  Tobie Osmond - one of our speakers
The group assembles ... and even I have to confess we never saw the gormless Tobie whose picture somehow got into my camera on the right! Still, there's something cool going on out the window...


The cutting of the cake  The cutting of the cake (vicious version)
[Name omitted for security reasons] had a 21st birthday on the Saturday and a large cake was attacked with gay abandon. The rest of the day was really cool as well as we shall see.


Em caught beautifully off guard  Steve the snooker master
Emily is caught off guard by the Paparazzi as master snooker player Steve contemplates what he's going to do with that phantom ball that has appeared next to the pink...


Reading and resting   Sam playing the piano  Sam reading a very sensible book
Plenty of time for resting (left), grooving (middle) and quality literature (right)*

* For the record, the literature in question is "The Stupidest Things Ever Done", one of six silly books that entertained many of us for hours!

The Walk - Sam crossing with style  The Walk - Moses, er, Steve
The Saturday Afternoon Walk : Sam begins in stile, and how can we possibly get lost with Moses (aka Steve) leading the way so dramatically with his staff?


The Walk - five in a phone box  The Walk - Phone box close up
But lost we are, so we seek help. Sadly we just couldn't agree on who would get to use the phone so we all had to pile in didn't we ...


The Walk - David ducks the electric fence  The Walk - Beth on the impassable bridge  The Walk - Beth demonstrates mud levels
The rain came down and the mud came up. Sing along with me - the rain came down and the mud came ... oh never mind. As you can see we survived the farmer's electric fences (left), his blocked up bridges (middle) and his mud (right).


Swindon Station - bench shot  Swindon Station - Beth plant eating
It's not over till it's over, and the four of us who ventured home by train from Swindon station were absolutely insistent on maintaining the silliness factor. Especially Beth, when she wasn't trying to eat the station greenery.


Swindon Station - False Perspective
Steve reminds us that he wasn't joking when he said he was short... but then gets hanged on the gallows for it by loving Sam, in this cunning false perspective shot.


Swindon Station - Shadows  Swindon Station - Tim offering Sam cake   Swindon Station - Tim in shock
The shadows are long (left) but there's still time for cake (middle) ... oh my goodness it's all gone! (right)


Swindon Station - Wet Paint sign
Sam gets seriously excited as he suspects Beth may be leaning against - you guessed it...

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