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Quotes – 2007 / 2008

Quote Scores:

Who will be the most quoted person this year?

Retreat Scores:

This year's winner, with 8 quotes: Christine!
Close behind, with 7 quotes: Adam.
Drawing for third place, with 4 quotes each: Alison, Andrew and Katie.

Retreat Quotes:

Katie: "I think the Bishop of Durham is stalking me."

Adam: "I don't know who's got him, but if they haven't brought him I shall be most wrothful."
In response to being asked whether or not grizzly Steve would made an appearance at the retreat.

Andrew: "What is it about Katie and Bishops?"

Katie: "I don't think there's many recorded cases of quiche attacks."

Tom: (when asked what he was doing) "I'm misbehaving with a biro."

Ruth: "Christine's chief spooner."

Christine: (talking to Alison) "I'm scared of your Dad."
Ruth: "I'm not, well only when he talks about trains."

Adam: "I was trying to take drugs earlier today."
Adam took an aspirin earlier that afternoon

Alison: "If you want to use the projector you'll have to move Jesus out of the way."
A picture of Jesus was obscuring the screen in front of the projector when Stephen was preparing to talk.

Ruth: "Can I have that bag you've just vacated?"

Adam: "I've got an aerodynamic penguin in my room."
Everyone was encouraged to bring cuddly toys to the retreat. Adam brought a penguin.

Adam: "Katie's becoming decidedly dubious."

Adam: "Wasn't it you who threw something really nasty and violent at me?"
Cuddly toys were frequently thrown from person to person during the retreat.

Alison: (cooking the sausages for supper) "I've got pork fat on me."
Ed: "Imagine how we feel when we get vegetables on us!"

Christine: "I'll be good at this game as I don't like long words."
Commenting on the assassins game. Nevertheless, Christine fell victim to Amy the next day...

Christine: "I can pretend to be upstairs!"

Christine: "I get scared by food."

Katie: "I brought my NIV [bible] with me, not because I like it particularly but because it's green and furry."

Christine: "It's quite rare to have monkeys."

Amy: "Christine's the responsible one."

Amy: "With Adam, you only have to mention the Archbishop of Canterbury and he kills himself."
Amy successfully assassinated Adam with a conversation about Rowan Williams, thus inducing him to say "Synod".

Stephen: "I suspect that if you were to prick a Methodist..."

Stephen: "There are other heresies I could offer you."

Stephen: "If I want to go wild I can go wild."

Andrew: "I don't even worry about other people, to be honest, because I'm so far removed from them."
Thoroughly self-deprecating words from the BANG! Secretary, not to mention quotes recorder...

Adam: "I don't think seals eat chocolate flavoured bears."

Christine: "Can you sing a song that has bananas in it, Ed?"

Alison: "I know all about one, two, three, weeeeeeeeee!!!"

Angela: (During the walk) "Mind your head."

Andrew: "Don't worry, I'll remove it when I get back."

Andrew: "If you talk maths, you only metaphorically kill yourself, but in assassins you really do kill yourself."
As well as trying to kill each other in assassins, it was an unwritten that no Maths talk was allowed during the retreat.

Ruth: "Our father, who art in heaven "hic"."
Ruth suffers from a hiccough attack.

Christine: "We have "We are a Redeemer"."
Christine discussing worship songs, though not getting the titles quite right!

Alison: "Jesus is back!"
The picture of Jesus mentioned above was finally reinstated!

Andrew: "Where is my right foot?"

Adam: "I don't believe Amy hasn't stolen my slippers."

Alison: "Why, have you looked at her feet?"

Ed: "Andrew's allergic to hats."

Katie: "I've had more Jesus than you."
Katie crows about getting to finish up the communion bread.

Ed: "I like that house- it has bricks."

Ann: "I think everyone should marry Arthur."
Arthur set a positive example by hoovering the lounge without being asked to.

Christine: "Can I have some unflab flapjack?"

Christmas Meal Quotes:

Christine: "It's [the dress] a bit short."
Andrew S: "It's great!"

Christine: "What's Steve's middle name?"
Steve: "The"

Alison: "Why is everyone scared of me?"

Andrew (a little later): "I'm not saying I'm scared of you, though I am."

Alison: "They want to put us in their hermit cell as some kind of sex slaves."
Adam: "That's CathSoc for you."

Andrew: "Any more turkeys?"

Christine: "myngmelschr1.repowisadumabcdefg1s1L1LMYNAME1ScHRLSLB E'ZL1aELLOcHr1SL."
Typing on Adam's PDA.

Jon: "Are you a brother yet?"
Andrew: "No, I have two sisters."

Christine: "Can I scare the waitress?"
Alison: "That's a man!"

Christine: "Steve's wearing an old man's tie."

Alison: "What's Jon doing to Laura?"

Alison (to Ruth): "When you're 22 you'll be old and you won't be able to move."

Angela: "Pictures of naked women. What?!"
After reports arrive of photographs of naked women in the gents' toilets.

Chris: "I think I'm a tart."

Elderly customer at the Assembly Inn: "Are you a concierge?"
He actually asked us this when we arrived at the bar!.

Barman of the Assembly Inn to Andrew: "Are you drunk or just eccentric?"

Laura: "I'm exceptionally unquotable."

Christine (on leaving Assembly Inn): "I feel like I'm not wearing anything!"

Random quotes from meetings:

Angela: "It's a passive sort of action."
Angela starts the ball rolling during the first BANG! meeting of the term.

Adam: "I always wear Mother Sarah's clothes at weekends."
After the firework display.

Adam: "I don't care what colour it is, its purple juice!"
At Amy's house.

Christine: "I'm wearing a dress tonight."
Adam: "I'm not!"
During a committee meeting.

Christine: "Press the left button."

Alison: "Which one's left?"
(During the same committee meeting).