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Quotes – 2006 / 2007

Quote Scores:

This year's winners: Tom and Angela! (at six quotes a piece)
Close seconds: Adam and veteran alumni Sam (at five quotes each)
Drawing for third: Andrew, Ed and Katie (at four quotes each).

Waggon and Horses trip quotes:

Angela: "Someone tell Andrew to slow down, there's a 20mph speed limit! Apparently walking faster than the chaplain is not allowed."

Andrew S: "Is this an unusually procreative student?"
Of all the ways we could describe the individual in question, "unusually procreative" is not one of them.

AGM Quotes:

Adam: "You were trying to open Brougham Hayes with a bottle opener?"

Tom: "No throwing knives! Maintaining order is difficult enough without flying cutlery."

Ed: "Do you mean you're dead?"
Tom: "I'm no longer Chair. It's the same thing."
One wonders about Alison and Steve...

Retreat Scores:

This year's winner, with 5 quotes: veteran BANG! alumnus Sam!
Close behind, with 4 quotes: completely unbiased secretary and quote-recorder Adam.
Drawing for third place, with 3 quotes each: Andrew, Angela, Ed and Tom.

Retreat quotes:

Angela:"There's not a proper upstairs, just a kind of staircase."
But what does the staircase lead to?

Angela: "I've just killed Anne."

Anne: "Our clergy are very good at killing us."
Angela and Anthony were disturbingly good at the Assassins game.

Adam: "I'm stable."
This is what taking a mathematical modelling course does to you.

Andrew: "He's useless rather than bad."
Reasonably kind words for Jonah during the Old Testament discussion.

Anthony: "Back in nineteen-hundred-and-frozen-to-death."
Angela: "I wasn't alive back then."

Tom: "That is not my intended quote for the retreat."

Tom: "I get on very well with Ed. He and I are getting married on Thursday."
Sam: "At last, an opportunity to wear my green dress."
I'm not sure which line of this is the most disturbing.

Ed: "I've been sitting in a washing machine."

Adam: "Ed, I've been sitting in a washing machine."
This is what happens when you read out people's quotes.

Adam: "Can you pass the yellow, please?"
Well, orange squash IS yellow!

Sam: "We've had poledancing, vibrators and dating."
I don't know what kind of retreat Sam is on...

Adam: "I don't have a cocoa bean factory. "

Ed: "Why does Angela wear traffic cones on her... don't answer that."

Sam: "I have never actually worn a dress. "
So why do you own a green one?

Andrew: "I was woken by the sunrise mob."
Katie: "Is Steve a mob?"

Andrew: "Green is a special case of white."

Ed: "Maybe instant friend would be a better phrase..."

Sam: "...just add water. (...much discussion about assorted "instant" things...)"
Sam: "Instant schism... just add water."

Tom: "Where the devil are my slippers? They're on my feet. Ha ha."
At which point I walked out of the room slowly.

Anonymous: "I don't believe the Bible is literally true. " (Massive crashing sound of thunder.)
The thunder was later revelated to be Tom on the electric piano, rather than God's expression of wrath.

Katie: "My boyfriend does not eat trousers. "
Good. It's always worth making sure.

Christmas meal quotes:

Angela: "He confused me with Adam. Riqht letter, wrong sex."
I would have thought we were fairly easy to tell apart, myself.

Angela: "I'm giving Tom my nuts."

Christine: "I don't like having a bag because it's not manly enough."

Andrew S: "You can tell I'm tired, I've started talking about cabbages."

Andrew S: "..., love, licentiousness, liberty, ..."

Fireworks night quotes (at least, the ones that are printable):

Pete: "You're not even drunk and you're acting perverted."
Poor Pete mistakenly believed that not being a member of Bang! meant he couldn't be quoted.

Laura: "She's just undressinq the bottle, apparently."

Tom: "Katie, how perverse do you think I am?"
Katie: "Can I plead the fifth amendment?"
No, this isn't America.

Helen: "Do you want to try on my bra?"
Tom: "No, it wouldn't fit me."

Katie: "I'm not sure if she was riding Angela at the time or not."
Can anyone remember the context of this one?

Helen: "Aah, thank you so much, you goddess!"
I think this is heresy. The scary thing is, she was talking to Tom.

Random quotes from meetings:

Christine: "I went to America but I didn't go there."
This makes sense when you realise that "there" is McDonald's.

Angela: "Oh, I don't know, I share my bed with both."

Helen: "I'm one of the boys now."
Christine: "You don't look like a boy..."
Helen: "That's the nicest thinq anyone has ever said to me!"

Tom: "So I'm a girl and Christine is a boy?"
No, Tom. Shall we go through this one more time?

Angela: "Tom said I should. I always obey him."
All hail the glorious Chair of Bang!

Ed: "It may become your Christian duty to be a bit of a hippy."

Angela: "I used to do the kids, because I was a woman."
But she isn't any more, apparently?