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Quotes – 2004 / 2005
"I'm happy to represent anything that's evil"
old Steve

"I don't see it as our place to be particularly evangelismical"
Sam, at a committee meeting

"But I don't like Norfolk!"
Christine muses about the origin of the Christmas Meal turkey

"I love sending BANG! e-mails - it's a chance for me to go mad!"
Old Steve at a committee meeting

"So not only am I a grapefruit superhero, but I'm also a girl?"

James: "Oh no!  I've just remembered ... okay, that beef stew casserole has been in the oven for four hours!" [he runs out of the chaplaincy]
Five minutes later James returns, panting: "make that 5".

Steve: "I need suggestions for what I should sign my name as"
Christine (instantly): "Little Mr Naughty"

Bethan: "You're very strange, aren't you?"
Talking to Tom, if you hadn't guessed...

"We've moved on from his (Steve's) arse now."

"Stop being slain in the spirit Steve, I'm trying to give you a mint"

Retreat 2005

"Smell my bear"

"Does anyone else have anything to do that they'd like us to watch them doing?"
old Steve

"So what is it with people and trying to stop me having children?"

"Who needs a degree when you can have sugar?"

New Steve: "That's actually quite cruel"
Ed: "No, it's hilarious!"

"I think we should give up the whipping, it hurts"

"No one in my family is Welsh, but my Dad is and my brother is proper Welsh"
new Steve

"I didn't realise there were so many alcoholics in BANG!"
new Steve

Steve R and Steve P playing snooker:
"Who's winning?"
Steve: "Steve"

"Oh, you've got some balls now!"
Christine, talking about snooker, honest!

"I've never eaten a whole candle"
old Steve

Bethan: "So, one day we're all going to die"
Tobie: "We have a prophet!"
Bethan: "But you can call me Bethan, it's fine"
Angela: "Prophet Bethan, what's the weather going to do this afternoon?"
Bethan: "Don't trivialise my gifts!"

"So cinnamon is actually a recreational drug"

"So that's why you're so good at the limbo, you're a stick"

"Is anyone here a bastard that we don't know about"
Angela, playing eye-spy, oddly enough!

"If you want to come over for a pastoral chat later, I may have something that panders to your needs..."

"Could someone please indulge me with a knife?"

Tobie: "Ron is the shepherd"
Bethan: "No Tobie, Jesus"
Tobie: "Ron is the answer to all our needs"
Bethan: "No, Jesus"
Laura: "But that made sense when the cones were sheep"

[Note to the absent -- the Ron and cone randomness began with a discussion on how to pronounce the word scone, and what it should rhyme with.  You had to be there really...]

"Someone must be beating me"

"Chocolate turkey, that sounds good"

Tobie: "I wasn't always a priest"
Sam: "No, before that you were a hitman"

old Steve: "I was a queen"
Sam: "You're still a queen to me Steve"

"I jumped up and down, is that good enough for you?"

"Bethan was very quick to jump on me"

"Next time we'll just be like 'Alison, get on the floor'."

"At ten past two in the morning, I am not grammar"
old Steve