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Quotes – 2003 / 2004
Halloween Party (Thurs 30 Oct 2003)

"Am I defloured?"
Emily, after marshmallows-in-flour

"I feel like half a Victoria Sponge"
Emily, again after marshmallows-in-flour

"It's actually really soft.  It's really hard"
Sam pumpkin carving

"I'm not looking, I'm not looking, I'm not looking, I'm just sticky"
Sally-Jane trying to avoid spying the other team's pumpkin.

"I really want the evil pumpkin.  I was going to say I love him, but.."
(old) Steve.

"I love the word bung"
(old) Steve.


Pancakes (Thurs 19 Feb 2004)

"Everytime I close my eyes I see your flash"
Sally-Jane to (old) Steve, talking about photography, honest!

"She is holding that spatula very suggestively"

Sally-Jane: "I just saw a flash out of the corner of my eye"
(old) Steve: "No, that was me."


Retreat (27 - 29 Feb 2004)

"I scratched my Maiden!"

"At least I didn't pot the cue"

"Steve, is that your crisp packet?  It's amazing."

"I know one fat vegetarian..."

"I'm trying hard not to be Jesus"
Jonathan (doing Last Supper role-play)

"You see people in a completely different light when you're on the floor together"

"That looks like a nipple-clamp, but then I did use to live in Amsterdam"

"Wheee!  Sorry, that was involuntary"
Sally-Jane driving

Sally-Jane: "Twix or Mars?"
Steve R: "Twix.  With Mars you just don't get that crunch ... that beef"

[Editors note: I've been aked to point out that the following were uttered after midnight.  Presumably the guilty parties wanted some sort of excuse...]

"I fancy doing a cartwheel, but I can't do cartwheels"

Tim: "He's surplus to requirements really"
Steve: "Could be a she"
Tim: "But it's a King!"

"... unless you count Matilda, but I don't know much about Matilda ... I don't even know if her name was Matilda"

[Misquoting Steve Irwin:] "This is the most dangerous alligator in the world - doesn't like being bitten"

"I looked at the King and thought 'female' again"

"I could say leopard, but that doesn't make me a leopard"

[but no excuse for this one, it was on Sunday afternoon:]

"Thankfully they are insomniacs, so they all go back to sleep"


AGM (4 March 2004)

Anne: "...and the other percentage [of the photo is] fuzz."
Steve: "But that's Sam!"

"Don't go for a post-modernist wedding photographer or you'll get photos back of your head on a moose."


A Glimpse of God (6 May 2004)

"That stinks! But it's green!"
Sally-Jane on swarfega

"Every time I see a man with a leather waistcoat, a puffy white shirt and a cutlass, I think 'There is God'."

"I thought I saw you shaking your beach."
old Steve


To the pub, and don't spare the horses!

"There's a tree over there! Look - through the trees..."

Tim: "Has anyone brought the tent?"
Steve: "I've got a gazelle ... er, a gazebo"

"Claire, I think you should go to the ball as a giant H"

"I'm rather keen on pirates"

Steve: "So who's going to write the report for this walk?"
Sam: "I don't know ... I've been in Beijing for half of it"
[It would appear that Sam got even more lost than the rest of us... Actually, this one was misheard.]

"But I don't get enough vitamins!"
Sam, yoinking a piece of (97% water) cucumber

"We're victimising you in love, Steve"

"Keith Walton called me out by name to come and blow on his balls"

"At least you haven't got a fixation about pirates"

"I hope no-one overly pious visits the website, or they might think I'm a nasty heretic ... Oh, I wouldn't mind that actually"

Other meetings

"When you live on campus, you eat so much more toast!"
Sally-Jane at "What's an Anglican" on 6 Nov.

"...I'm really a girl."
Sam at the Christmas meal

Sam to Steve: I called you Steve 'cos you're in a building.
At our meal before seeing The Passion.

Good cheese music isn't rubbish, it's just misunderstood!
Sam on the way to Wells