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Quotes – 1998 / 1999
Thanks to the wonders of the Internet Archive.  I have unearthed the old BANG! quotes page.  It contained the following gems (scroll down for the Retreat 1999 quotes too):
"The concept of eternity is finite."
Tim G. Taylor, BANG! meeting in The Parade Bar, 5th November 1998.

"I won't slip, I never fall over."
Tim G. Taylor, CU weekend, 14/15th November 1998

"So is Angela (Angela Gray - then BANG! social secretary) in BANG! then?"
Tim G. Taylor, BANG! meeting, 26th November 1998.

"It's a pity there's no food here, there was last year!"
Jonathan Harris, Christ Church advent carol service, 29th November 1998.

"You can bring your frozen chicken, Tim."
Jonathan Lloyd (university chaplain), BANG! meeting, 3rd December, 1998.

"Not another one! That's the 4th broken chair in here, at least we know who it is now, TIM!"
Jonathan Lloyd, Chaplaincy Oxfam lunch, 8th December, 1998.

"We've got some turkey mince in the freezer, you might get that."
Phil Weston, Christ Church, 13th December, 1998.

"I think we should have goose."
Liz Rose, Christ Church, 13th December, 1998.

The following discussion took place in Christ Church on 13th December, 1998:

Jonathan Harris: "It's more like Chaplaincy Free Ads than Chaplaincy News..."

Kerry Gooch (Chaplaincy Assistant): "Don't blame me. I get told what to write, I only edit the blasted thing! Anyway, back to the carol service ...... Jonathan, you're cross carryi....."

Anon: "No Kerry, you're cross!"

"Hello All,
See you this Thursday, 5:30 pm ..."
(and did he turn up?)
Tim G. Taylor, e-mail sent at 4.43pm, 14th January, 1999.

"No one enjoys physics at the University of Bath"
Anon. (those who need to know, will know!), BANG! meeting, 28th January, 1999.

"Revising for exams is a bit like cheating, isn't it?"
Tim G. Taylor, BANG! meeting, 28th January, 1999.

" modern interpratation (sic) of the word 'spring' clearly i (sic) am ahead of my time."
Tim G. Taylor, e-mail sent at 12.47pm, 15th February, 1999.

"This is a nice flat Kerry - architecturally speaking, of course."
Tim G. Taylor, BANG! pancake meeting in Kerry Gooch's flat, 18th February, 1999.

"I find Kerry's reproduction, no I mean reprographics, facilities quite useful."
Matthew Jones, talking to Kirsty Duddridge, 20th April, 1999.

The following discussion took place by e-mail on 5th May 1999 in response to an argument over dates and the role of the Chaplaincy Assistant:

Matthew Jones (to Bang members): "...what do you expect if Kerry gets me to do her work for her!"

Kerry Gooch: "I did not get him to do my work for me. Matt and I have just had a fight and this is MY OFFICE AND MY PC!"

MJ: "What's happening? Kerry can't be doing her own work can she? Wonders will never cease."

"This is final confirmation.
The definitive date for drinks serving is:
Not Saturday, not the 22nd, not April, not 1998, not 2000, 1999BC! Is that clear? Is Kerry happy now? She really ought to be - but there again she really ought to do her own work!"

Then: MJ (privately): "Happy Now?"

KG: "Uhmmmmm!"

MJ: "Typical woman - can't make her mind up!"

KG: "Watch it!"

MJ: "Or what?"

"I'm trying to be radical in a kind of minimalist way."
Jonathan LLoyd, Oxfam Lunch, Chaplaincy Centre, 11th May, 1999.

"So how do the birds get in [to this bird box with a hole in the front of it]?"
Jonathan LLoyd, Oxfam Lunch, Chaplaincy Centre, 11th May, 1999.

"Of course, a man could do Kerry's job in a quarter of the time!"
Tim J. Taylor, BANG! social, 13th May, 1999.
(BANG! would like to take this opportunity to say that, whatever Tim thinks, Kerry does an excellent job. Thanks a lot, Kerry! )

"He was talking quite normally - but he had no shoes on!"
Scott Thomas (not a BANG! member, but a great quote), Christ Church, 16th May, 1999.

"I want Phil!"
Kerry Gooch, student lunch at Sarah Sheppard's house, 16th May, 1999.

"So it's Tim J. Taylor on Thursday - should be a good, fundamentalist rant then!"
Anon, 16th May, 1999.

A conversation to be heard in the library on the evening of 17th May, 1999:

Matthew Jones: "I know it's your favourite book."

Phil Weston: "Yeah - it's got a naked man on the front as well!"

For the record, the book was called "Ethnicity", and looked like an extremely boring politics textbook.

"Bang is full of eccentrics."
Tim J Taylor, 9th June, 1999.
(referring in-part to Tim G Taylor and the 4124 bus journeys of one-time bang member Jonathan Harris)

Retreat quotes 1999

"Don't quote me out of context and deliberately misinterpret me."
Tim G. Taylor

It is unlikely that we will ever know what provoked Tim to make the above plea. It wasn't as if anybody was writing down every strange thing he said, all weekend, was it? What follows is the best of the funny, odd or just down right weird things that members of BANG came out with during the 1999 retreat to Legge House, Wroughton:

Tim G. Taylor:

"Is that the church, then?"
asked whilst looking at a large stone building with a tower! Tim is an architect, isn't he?

"Madness! Legge House - what were they thinking of? It's quite beyond belief - have you seen the parallel corridors? Scandalous! Before I form a judgement I'll have to see the site limits, of course."
yes, Tim is an architect! These words were spat out, in between angry grunting sounds!

"It's probably due to some petty fire regs., actually."
referring to the parallel corridors.

"I find Marmite quite objectionable, really."

"I can't sit by you, I live with you."

"What should I do to stay in touch with my generation?"

"Run away - it's the moon!"

"On what plane of understanding is that?"

Jonathan Harris:

"That's quite an interesting crack, actually."
pronounced whilst intently studying a egg dropped from 3 metres whilst wrapped in paper spikes!

"This is good, it plays a tune!"
referring to a tap!

"I think I better wear my teeth away tonight."

"I do apologise to you for the current state of my nose."

Phil Weston:

"I've found one! I've found one! And it's biblical, so I'll get in with the CU crowd!"

"I was quite impressed with my emergency medical advice at 5 this morning."

Simon Airey:

"I enjoy getting high in buildings."

Stephan Janot:

"He [Tim] looks like an architect. He's tall."

Matthew Jones:

"You only come on the BANG retreat once a year."
repeated at least 20 times.

"Well, this van got in last night."
referring to the minibus as it left the car park!

Conversation between Tim and Phil:

Tim: "Of course, we could go by conventional wisdom and use a dustpan and brush."

Phil: "And you feel comfortable with that?"

In the end, Tim used a dustpan and long handled broom!

To finish, another quote from Tim. In case you hadn't worked it out:

"You've got to be careful what you say."

So there's no excuse now, you've been warned by the president himself!

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