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Old BANG! Logo

A very old BANG! logoHere's Matthew Jones, former chair of BANG!, with a brief history lesson:

When I first joined BANG! in September 1998, there was no logo. They had been using a picture of a cartoon-like bomb (the spherical sort with a fuse coming out it) with the word BANG! on it. The president (as they were in those days!) when I joined didn't like this, as he didn't like BANG! to be associated with a weapon (fair enough I guess). So he didn't use the bomb logo, but hadn't come up with anything else.

When I was elected president in March 1999, I wanted a logo, so I took the old bomb logo, applied some mathematical transformation to it in PaintShop Pro and came out with this. You can still see the fuse of the old bomb coming out in the middle of the circular logo. I thought this new logo was quite interesting to look at and that 2 kind of circular arrows were quite appropriate to represent BANG! discussions, so we started using it as the logo.