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Photos – Adventure Golf

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Just before exams started, we went to the Adventure Golf in Victoria Park. Adventure Golf is a lot like Crazy Golf, but with fewer windmills...

Tom finishes off the first hole; Tim, Katie, and Angela inspect the course; we see a squirrel!

We establish that golf is not a spectator sport; Steve takes photos of us while hiding in a cave; Tim is cooler than that flag any day.

Tom got black marks on his scorecard for everything from doing well to being Tom. And he cheated quite a bit. This was definitely the noisiest group.

Things start to get exciting: Tom loses his ball; Christine bravely leaps over the raging torrent; Tim masters a tricky shot.

We went to Wetherspoons afterwards. Laura and Llinos mixed together everything they could get their hands on in one glass, and then drank it.