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Photos – Fireworks
3rd November 2007

Adam dressed as a Monk  Adam dressed as a Monk  Adam protects himself with a cross  Adam and Tom pray 

Adam as a monk; Adam in the full monks outfit; Adam protects himself from Tom with a giant shiny cross; Adam and Tom pray;

One of the fairground rides  More fairground rides  Smudge trys to win a prize  Watching entertainment 

Shiny, colourful fairground ride; More fairground rides; Smudge trys to win a prize; Watching the stage entertainment;

Playing childrens games  Playing childrens games  Christine is thrown to the front  Christine is held at the front of the group 

Playground games; Playing childrens games; Christine is thrown infront of the camera; Christine is held in place;

Duncan, Smudge, Rachel  Christine gets ready for the fireworks  Action series of gold firework  Action series of red firework 

Posing at the fireworks; Christine gets ready for the fireworks; Action series of gold firework; Action series of red firework;

Another firework mutli series  Rainbow firework  Several multi-coloured fireworks  An explosion of colourful fireworks 

Another firework mutli series; Rainbow firework; More rainbow coloured fireworks; An explosion of colourful fireworks;

Gold tree firework  An electric blue firework  A bluey golden shower of fireworks  Spider-like firework 

A golden tree firework; Electric blue firework; A bluey golden shower of fireworks; A spider-like firework;

Red and green fireworks  More spangly spider style fireworks  Red and blue electric fireworks  An explosion of gold fireworks 

Red and green fireworks; More spangly spider style fireworks; Red and blue electric fireworks; A gold firework explosion;

Fire coloured firework  Red and green exploding from gold  Fireworks falling from the sky 

A fire style firework; Red and green exploding from gold; Fireworks falling from the sky;