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Photos – Christmas Meal 2004
Thursday 9 December

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The rendezvous was at RSVP:

At RSVP  Steve being organised at RSVP
Katie, James & Brad; Steve is organised

We then moved on to The Hole in the Wall:

Now, what did I order?  Angela and Katie  Christine and Alison  Claire and Brad  Ed and Steve
Steve and Tom try to remember what they ordered; Angela and Katie; Christine and Alison; Claire and Brad; Ed and Steve

Tom's new look   Tom, James, Angela and Andrew  Various people  Helen and Angela   James and his creation
Tom raises a glass to his new look; Tom, James, Angela and Andrew (is that a seatbelt on Tom's ear?); Helen, Andrew, Jenny, Laura and Sam; Helen and Angela look in opposite directions; James studies his masterpiece.

Katie and Helen  Katie, Helen and Tom  You have to guess what this is!  Group Photo
Katie and Helen; Katie, Helen and Tom; I'll leave you to guess what this is; a group photo

and most of us finished up at The Hunstman:

At the Huntsman  More people at the Hunstman  Drunken Singer 1  The drunken singer again  The singer alarms Brad 
Christine, Jenny and Alison look intently at something interesting sadly out of shot; Steve, a yawning Brad and Tom; we met a drunk singer (who even had a songsheet); here he is again; Brad is a little alarmed...

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