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Past Events – Walk 2004
Thursday 13 May 2004
Report by Steve Roberts

The BANG! walk to the Waggon and Horses was a much-hyped event this year, with many discussions as to the spelling of "Waggon/Wagon" and promises of adventure (well, getting lost!). So, we set off in high hopes.

After but a few steps, it was clear that the conversation would be littered with randomness for these intrepid explorers, as we discussed our survival skills. The first main hurdle was the decision between going over the golf course or through the woods. The woods won as a source of many possible adventures.

Steve was the leader/organiser of this trek, and in true BANG! style he refrained from planning a route; instead relying on God, intuition and Ray Mears' survival guide documentaries. Sadly the latter proved to be useless, as all SJ had in her handbag when questioned were plasters and drugs...seriously lacking matches, tents and firelighters.

The trek through the wood was punctuated by Tim leaping out with his camera, SJ purposefully wandering ahead, Sam musing over philosophical pirate thoughts, and Steve shouting "LEFT" and "MUD" at random intervals. The others were pretty normal. This going left strategy worked in most cases, however we discovered a few streams, a few more bits of mud, and (surprisingly enough) a few more trees and bramble patches.

We bravely ventured on though until we happened upon a road that surprised Tim. There was a little ditch with a stream before we got to the road, so the more foolhardy people jumped it, while SJ and Katie put sticks across it and tried to cross this way. In the main this was successful, although the word "sinking" might be appropriate.

After much travelling, we saw the place across the valley where we wanted to be. Our one problem that we had was getting there as there was a fence between us and the way out of the wood. Steve fearlessly led the way straight into a bog and then backtracked quite quickly. Eventually our freedom came in stile (well, in the form of a stile) and we moved out into open country again.

The journey to Bathampton was surprisingly uneventful and we stopped once we reached the canal, and gazed into the canal and at the ducks for an unspecified length of time. Bliss! Our next stop was the motorway bridge, where we performed the same gazing, but this time at asphalt and cars. Bliss! Actually, out of 6 cars we waved to, 4 waved back (well, the people inside them...)

The biggest surprise of the walk was yet to come. A discussion took place as to who would document this epic journey, and Sam revealed to us that he couldn't as he had been in Beijing for most of the walk. Now we did get lost in the woods, but Sam must have got really lost. (Sam claims that he said that he was day-dreaming for most of the walk, but we believe that he is just trying to cover up his new technology for fast travel)

Eventually we arrived at the pub, where Claire had patiently been waiting for us and we ordered our food and drinks (just as an aside, Apple and Mango J20 proved to be extremely popular!!!). I am sure the topic of conversation strayed to piracy at some point or other during the meal, but there was certainly some contented munching going on!

After the meal, a few mad people decided to walk along the canal back into Bath while the others got the bus. These mad people were eclipsed by the madness of Tim, who decided to walk into Bath from Batheaston, so that he could get a bus to Batheaston...(think about it!)

A few remarks were made on the way back along the canal about the darkness and random conversations and then we came upon the tunnels. For Tim this meant some nice photos, for Steve this meant a chance to jump out at people and for everyone else it wasn't really a big issue.

The departing from each others' company was phased as people slowly peeled off (into the canal...?!?) Anyway, a great evening was had by all, which fulfilled expectations!

See the photos.