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Past Events – Socials 1999
So what have BANG! been up to on the social front recently? Surprisingly enough, after the last year or so, quite a lot!

As tradition dictates (good Anglican stuff that!), BANG! had a mass pancake eating session on Shrove Tuesday. We decended on Kirsty's house, ate many excellently cooked panckes and played a highly competitive boys vs. girls board game. Congratulations to the girls team who just sneaked ahead in the final round to win by 6 points! As usual, everyone enjoyed themselves and talk of what we were intending to give up for Lent was somewhat limited!

Repeating a successful event from last year, BANG! recently met up in town for Sunday lunch together. After much debate, we ended uo in the "Horse and Radish", a new eating place in the The Podium. The food was excellent, as was the conversation, so watch out for a repeat of this event in the future!

Just before Christmas (a very sensible time for this event), BANG! held their Christmas meal. This was held in Tim's house with Tim doing an excellent job on the cooking front. Unfortunantly, the author (!) was called away at the last minute and so couldn't be there, but I'm sure the cut and thrust of debate and conversation around the table was up to BANG!'s normal high standards! The people I've spoken to seem to think so anyway. On top of all this, we were able to give a small donation of our "profits" from the event to Dorothy House Hospice. Many thanks to Catherine, Kirsty, Sarah and Tim for all they did to make this event possible.

A few weeks before this saw the BANG! film night - we sat around in the dark, munching crisps an watching "The Truman Show". The film was good, the food was nice and the company jovial, so a good time was had by all.

Previous to this, BANG! had of course visited the Parade Bar, as we do at least once a term, before the Chaplaincy Lecture. On this occasion, the conversation ranged from the works of Terry Pratchet to the great Gideon's Bible scandle of Bath! BANG! always have a good time in the Parade Bar. This arrangement was repeated in February before the year's second Chaplaincy Lecture, the conversation this year centring on the BANG! retreat, which took place the previous weekend.

Then there was the recent time when BANG! spent an evening during generally silly things. Such as seeing how far away from the ground a glass of water could be held using only 3 sheets of newspaper, some card and sellotape. Or attempting to answer questions during the BANG! pub-quiz. Another good time. We did similar silly things as ice breakers during the first week of term, but that's another story...!