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Past Events – Retreat 2001

God - The Ultimate Scientist - 23 to 25 February 2001

Written by Tim Wakeling - BANG! Publicity 2002-2003

It has been a year since this Retreat happened, but here is a summary of what I can remember...!

Back at Legge House for another year, with a number of first years joining the merry party! The weekend started with the ubiquitous Post-It-on-the-forehead icebreaker game on Friday night.

Saturday brought with it two lively sessions largely covering the evolution debate. The walk which was to have been the Ridgeway turned into a local one around Wroughton when a "No Entry: Foot and Mouth" sign blocked our way. However muddy fields, stiles, and Jessie the dog turned it into a fun afternoon nevertheless! Jonathan Lloyd joined us for the Saturday.

That evening suspicion reigned as a murder was uncovered. Beth, Matthew, Barry, Kirsty, and ...? were witnesses while the rest attempted to find the assassin in our midst...

A communion service on Sunday was led by Barry.

Retreat 2001 Photographs