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Past Events – Mystery Social
Written by Steve Roberts - BANG! Retreat Co-ordinator 2004-2005

'Twas a dark and stormy night, and...well actually the weather was quite kind.  The eager BANG! members gathered at the chaplaincy centre, aware only that tonight would be one of mystery and excitement. After the initial panic that there weren't going to be enough blindfolds, a couple of smelly tea-towels were discovered, and the adventure could commence.

All were blindfolded and led to the cars (including the drivers). The two cars then drove to a secret location, with participants making wild guesses as to their whereabouts. "This is a farm" was one cry, while another commented "we're still on campus, aren't we?". Neither had made the right guess, as we were in fact in the golf club car park near Sham Castle.

The blindfolded were led one by one into the woods to the start of a string trail, where all waited while Matthew made an extra run in the car to pick up the others. Once everyone was assembled, Tom took on the gallant role of leading everyone around the string trail. It soon became obvious that this was going to be too easy, so we stopped Tom, and blindfolded him too, to add to the excitement.

All was safe as the BANG!ers felt their way in the dark around trees, under imaginary objects and generally anywhere that the two Steves and Sam thought would be funny. This evilness on their part seemed to unite everyone, and 15 minutes later, everyone was glad to remove their blindfolds (especially Brad who had the smelly tea-towel).

The next event was "Hunt the Chomp" where everyone searched for Chomps that had been strategically hidden an hour previously. Maybe this was a little easy, as all 10 were found very quickly, with none being fooled by the chocolates hanging from the trees, or hidden in the roots.

A much needed cup of tea was then had by all. Well, it was more like hot chocolate, cocoa and Horlicks, as the tea was not popular, but it makes a good story. The Chomps were chomped, as were the biscuits provided...but not a quiche in sight.

While the munching and drinking was taking place, the newer members of BANG! were introduced to "Mafia" - a game where Ed was killed surprisingly quickly, and Sam developed a fascination for death by food. It was interesting that the three survivors at the end when the mafia won were Tom (the mafia), Alison, and Angela (who really should have been killed off for that dreadful snoring!).

The fun could have continued far into the night, but it was necessary to return to campus. The route back was via Sham Castle, where everyone was introduced to this wonderful piece of architecture, and beautiful views over the city.  A few took the car back to campus, while everyone else wandered through the fields.

All in all, a successful evening, with very few injuries (Steve apologises to Tom for falling onto him and spilling Horlicks everywhere), but many laughs.

Check out the photo.   (There would have been more than one if the camera hadn't died!).