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Past Events

Previous Programmes

Almost all previous programmes are archived on this site!

BANG! Retreats

See the reports on previous BANG! Retreats:

Downside Abbey 2008 - How can I be sure?
Legge House 2007 - Galloping through the bible
Legge House 2006 - The Gospel according to the Simpsons
Legge House 2005 - The Lord's Prayer
Legge House 2004 - Jigsaw
Legge House 2003 - Journey
Legge House 2002 - Witches, Wizards & God
Legge House 2001 - God The Ultimate Scientist
Legge House 2000 - Paul, God's PR Man
Legge House 1999 - 1+1+1=1? The Trinity
Wick 1998 - God & Science

Other past events

(Now archived for historical reference only)

Walk 2005
Christmas Meal 2004
Mystery Social 2004
Walk 2004
Halloween Party 2003
Simpsons Halloween Special – a very interesting session led by Audrey Simpson (2002)
1999/2000 Discussions and Workshops
1998/1999 Discussions and Workshops
1999 Social Events
1998/1999 Visiting Speakers

See also

Photos of many past events can be seen in the Photo Gallery!