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Past Events – 1999 / 2000 Discussions and Workshops
So what have BANG! been discussing so far this year? Well, as you can see below, quite a wide range of juicy issues, with plenty of debate and broad thinking:

Change - Catherine Clayton led this discussion, rather appropriate for the first meeting of the year. We looked at how change can affect our Christian lives and what we thought ought to change about Christian belief and what was true for eternity. What a topic for the first meeting of the year!

The Spirit Unifies - Matthew Jones led this discussion, which was based on one of BANG!'s Scripture Union Bible study guides. We looked at what Christian unity is, why it is desirable and how the Holy Spirit can help us achieve it.

Saying wait to God - Sarah Martin helped BANG! exaine the story of Paul on trial before the Roman govenor Felix. In many ways, Felix was saying "wait" to God, so this led onto reasons people do try to put God off and how we can respond as we try to tell them about Him.

Jubilee 2000 - Basing this meeting on a Christian Aid designed workshop, Matthew Jones helped BANG! explore the issues behind the Jubilee 2000 campaign to cancel third world debt. Some of those present were completely behind the idea, whilst others were unsure, either because they felt they did not have enough unbiased information or because they had heard sensible arguements against it. A good discussion ensued, yet another example of BANG! questionning the generally excepted viewpoint and helping members make their own minds up.

Advent - Sue Henderson (univeristy URC chaplain) led this discussion, which looked at the three comings of advent - the coming of Christ at Christmas, the coming of Christ into our hearts and the second coming of Christ. In true BANG! fashion, the discussion broadened somewhat, to include such things as what happens to you when you die, how the Bible was put together and Jewish theology!

A Random Christian Quiz - Catherine Clayton led this quiz that focused on the growth of Christianity world-wide. BANG! were very surprised to learn that Christianity isn't doing as badly as the media would have it.

"The Entanglement of the Creator in the Creation" - Barry Chapman led this discussion on how modern scientific theory, such as choas theory and the uncertainty principle, can effect our view of God. A fascinating evening enjoyed by all who attended

The Lutheran Church - Hermine Wieker, university Lutheran chaplain, talked to BANG! about the history and theology of the Bravarian Lutheran church. It was most interesting to learn about how one of the original protestant churches has developed since Martin Luther got going with his hammer!

"The BANG! Forum" - this was an event at which BANG! met up with young Anglicans from local churches and Yvonne Criddle (diocesan youth advisor) to discuss the relationship between the Church of England and its young people. It was a fantastic evening, filled with a lot of fun and food, but also a lot of serious thought.