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Previous Programmes - Spring 2006

Tuesday 7 February
"War...what is it good for?"
Is there such thing as a just war? Should Christians ever kill, even in self defence? Bang! starts the semester off with a good heated discussion...
6.15 at the Chaplaincy Centre
Tuesday 7 March
Quiche day
AKA the Bang! AGM, this is your chance to get onto the Bang! committee and contribute to the running of our fantastic society.
6.15 at the Chaplaincy Centre

Tuesday 14 February
Can you eat backwards?
One of the highlights of the Bang! year, the famous Regressive meal is like a traditional meal in every respect...except that the courses are all backwards.
Meet at the Green Park Tavern for after-dinner drinks, time TBC.

Tuesday 14 March
Wailing and gnashing of teeth
How can an all-powerful God allow suffering? It's a question none of us like to be asked, but hopefully you'll be a little clearer after this discussion.
Meet at 6.15 at the Chaplaincy Centre

Tuesday 21 February
The Friendly Society
Jinny, the Quaker Chaplain, will be talking to us about the Society of Friends. Ever wondered about something but never asked? Come along and find out!
6.15 at the Chaplaincy Centre

Tuesday 21 March
Visit historic Bath! See the mighty moose!
We're going on the famous Bath Comedy Walk.
Meet at the Abbey, time TBC

Friday 24 - Sunday 16 February
A welcome break
Off we go to lovely Legge House, in the heart of historic Wroughton, for a weekend of God, cake, and Werewolves, in some order. It's probably not too late to book!
Meeting time and place TBC

Tuesday 28 March
Appendix 2. b) ii)
Mother Sarah shows us around the Apocrypha. What on earth is it, and why do most Bibles not include it?
6:15 at the Chaplaincy Centre

Tuesday 28 February
What's that? Shrove Tuesday?
More popularly known as pancake day! Expect a good feed-up, and probably some party games.
6:15 at the Chaplaincy Centre