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Previous programmes – Autumn 2006
Tuesday 4 October
What do people mean by all of the words they use to label Christians: evangelical, fundamentalist, and so forth? A short discussion on Christian jargon and what to do with it.
6.15 at the Chaplaincy Centre
Thursday 10 November
The Bishop
We have a very special guest this evening: the Bishop of Bath and Wells. As such, we will be meeting on a Thursday this week.
6.15 at the Chaplaincy Centre
Tuesday 11 October
Let them eat cake!
In which we decorate cakes and then eat them. Prizes for the best designs!
6.15 at the Chaplaincy Centre
Tuesday 15 November
Dark goings-on...
We're not going to tell you what's happening this week, but you might want to bring warm clothes. And a torch. And rope. And a shotgun...
Meet at 6.15 at the Chaplaincy Centre
Tuesday 18 October
And God said...
Can Christianity and science ever agree? Did God really create the world? Come with your thinking-caps on.
6.15 at the Chaplaincy Centre
Tuesday 22 November
Jesus and Jenga.
Talking about Jesus and playing Jenga? How could it possibly get any better?
6.15 at the Chaplaincy Centre.
Tuesday 25 October
Flying High
The Bang! committee each choose a famous character from church history and try to explain why they shouldn't be thrown out of a hot air balloon.
6:15 at the Chaplaincy Centre

Tuesday 29 November
The Da Vinci Code
A look at some of the more bizzare conspiracy theories surrounding Christianity. Who really were the Knights Templar? Why did the church have to suppress so many alternative accounts of Jesus' life?
6:15 at the Chaplaincy Centre

Tuesday 1 November
Merriment and Light!
We're celebrating All Saints' Day with a glitter party. This will involve lots of shiny sparkly things, and of course haloes.
6:15 at the Chaplaincy Centre

Tuesday 6 December
The true meaning of Christmas...
is food. Well, not really, but we're going to be having a Bang! meal in celebration anyway.
Somewhere posh in town
Saturday 5 November
Explosions are the best...
We go to watch the university fireworks.
Time and place TBC
Tuesday 13 December
Joy to the world!
A short discussion on what Christmas really means to us, and many Christmassy happenings to boot.
6:15 at the Chaplaincy Centre