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Previous programmes – Summer 2005

Thursday 14 April
Lights, Camera, Anglicans!
Cinema trip. It grieves me to relate that we saw Miss Congeniality 2.
6.15 at the Chaplaincy, 6.45 for drinks and film decision at Wetherspoons, or about 8 at Wetherspoons if you don't want drinks / decisions.

Thursday 12 May
She is Lord?
Is it helpful always to think of God as male?  A discussion on feminist theology.
6.15 at the Chaplaincy Centre

Thursday 21 April
Pick A Passage, Any Passage...
Are there bits of the Bible that make you wonder why they're included, or that simply don't make sense to you?  Or that you'd rather weren't there at all?  Well, suggest them (details of how coming soon) and we'll have a discussion on why we think they might be in the Bible.
6.15 at the Chaplaincy Centre

Thursday 19 May
Wash your mouth out?
A discussion on Blasphemy vs Free Speech.
6.15 at the Chaplaincy Centre

Thursday 28 April
The most talked-about issue in the Anglican Communion at the moment, so we thought it was about time we discussed it too!
6.15 at the Chaplaincy Centre

Thursday 26 May
(Getting lost on the way to) the pub!
A walk over beautiful Bathhampton Down (including getting lost in the woods!) for a meal at The Waggon & Horses pub in Batheaston.
Meet at 6.15 at the Chaplaincy Centre.

Thursday 5 May
Grill (for) a Christian
Summer Barbeque at Angela's.
Time TBA