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Previous Programmes – Autumn 2004

Freshers' Week
There was a BANG! barbeque and games night in the Chaplaincy Centre on Thursday 7th October at 6.15 at the Chaplaincy Centre.

Societies' Fair: Monday 11th October, 4-8.  You can join BANG! for a mere 2!
Christian Socs Fair: 6 - 8 (including free supper) at the Chaplaincy on 12th October.

Thursday 14th October
Finland, Finland, Finland, The country where I want to be...
Our globe-trotting retreat-coordinator Steve spent part of the summer leading at a confirmation camp in Finland.  Come along and find out more about what he got up to.   Followed by pizza at the Parade Bar.
6.15 at the Chaplaincy Centre

Thursday 18th November
The Orthodox Church
Another special guest! Mother Sarah (University Orthodox Chaplain) will be speaking about the Orthodox Church.  As always, there'll be plenty of BANG! style discussion and debate too
Meet at the Chaplaincy Centre at 6.15 to get the bus to town from where we'll walk to the Orthodox Church.

Thursday 21st October
Bless this Goldfish?
A discussion on (almost) everything about animals.  Are Pet Services a good idea?  What about Animal Testing?  What Would Jesus Eat?
6.15 at the Chaplaincy Centre

Thursday 25th November
Ecumenically speaking...
What's the difference between an Anglican and a...?  Four short discussions on four different denomination.
6.15 at the Chaplaincy Centre

Thursday 28th October
The man, the legend
Barry Chapman (University Anglican Chaplain) will be our guest speaker.  He'll be talking on something scientfic probably, but we're not sure what yet.  Whatever it is, it should be a fascinating exploration of Christian thinking (judging by previous experience), so come along!
6.15 at the Chaplaincy Centre

Thursday 2nd December
The sanctity of life
Abortion, Euthanasia, Cloning... yup, everything controversial and related to human life will get discussed tonight!
6.15 at the Chaplaincy Centre

Thursday 4th November
One Church?
Why so many Christian denominations?  Is it a good thing?  Does anyone actually get it right?  Does anyone actually get it wrong?
6.15 at the Chaplaincy Centre
Thursday 9th December
Fine Festive Food
The annual extravaganza that is the BANG! Christmas meal.  Black tie (i.e. as smart as you can, but not necessarily real black-tie) at somewhere nice in town.
7.45 at RSVP, to move on to The Hole in the Wall restaurant
Thursday 11th November
Mystery social
We could tell you, but then we'd have to kill you.  However, we can tell you that you'll need to wear warm, waterproof clothes and strong shoes.  Please bring a torch if you have one.
Meet at 6.15 at the Chaplaincy Centre.  Things will finish by 8.30, earlier if the weather's bad.
Thursday 16th December
Deck the halls Abbey
The University Carol service.  Always great, always atmospheric and followed by drinks with BANG!.
Bath Abbey 7.30, doors 6.45

Unless otherwise stated, our regular meetings at 6.15 in the Chaplaincy will end at 7.30.  Timings for other meetings vary.