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Previous programmes – Summer 2004

Thursday 22nd April
The Passion of the Christ
The most talked about film recently, and we'll be seeing it!  We're also going for pizza beforehand.
Meet at the Chaplaincy Centre at 6.15

Thursday 13th May
To the pub, and don't spare the horses!
Our annual walk over the golf-course for a meal at an atmospheric pub.  This year, we'll be at the Waggon & Horses in Batheaston.
Meet at 6.15 at the Chaplaincy

Thursday 29th April
(Dis)organised religion?
"Some people find that church hinders their spiritual growth more than it helps."  Discuss.
6.15 Chaplaincy Centre

Thursday 20th May
The irony is that this discussion was supposed to happen last term...
It's ironic because the topic is Predestination!  This evening will also be a chance to meet potential new Chaplains, as they'll be joining in our discussions.
6.15 at the Chaplaincy Centre

Thursday 6th May
A glimpse of God
Bring along something in which you see a little of God.  It doesn't matter what it is, so long as it's something that you see God in.
6.15 Chaplaincy Centre