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Previous programmes – Spring 2004

Thurs 8th January
Jesus and Jenga
A mix of Jenga silliness and something deep about prayer.
6.15 Chaplaincy Centre

Thurs 19th February
You'd batter believe it!
Loads of pancakes, all with Fairtrade toppings.
6.45 at Sally-Jane's or 6.15 to meet our illustrious chair Steve at the bus stop on campus.

Thurs 15th January
Dilemmas of being Christian students
As the title suggests, a discussion on the dilemmas and difficulties of being Christian students.
6.15 Chaplaincy Centre

Thurs 26th February
Who Wants to be a Statistic?
(Chaplaincy Public Lecture)

Come and hear Professor Bernard Silverman FRS, statistician and Master of St Peter's College, Oxford, talk about statistics, faith and God!
6.15 Chaplaincy Centre

Thurs 22nd January
No meeting
Those pesky exams mean we're having a break from BANG! this week.
I don't know where you'll be!

Fri 27 - Sun 29 February
Retreat 2004!
Its going to be fantastic.
Leaving Friday evening.  See e-mail for times

Thurs 29nd January
No meeting
Those pesky exams mean we're having a break from BANG! this week.
I don't know where you'll be!

Thurs 4th March
Who will be on the Committee? You decide!
BANG! AGM.  There will be free food :-)  Please do come as we need as many people as possible to ensure that the votes for the new committee are official.
6.15 Chaplaincy Centre

Thurs 5th February
No meeting – Consolidatation Week!
I love Consolidation Week.  Its wonderousness is only marred by the fact that there's no BANG! meeting :-(
I guess you'll be at home

Thurs 11th March
Break a leg
Pirkko (a visiting Finnish chaplain, no less) will be talking to us about Bible Drama (I’m guessing there’ll be an interactive side to this too :-)
6.15 Chaplaincy Centre

Thurs 12th February
Jinny Matters, Bath Uni's Quaker Chaplain, joins us for a talk and discussion on Quakerism.
6.15 Chaplaincy Centre

Thurs 18th March
dooF ymmuY – Regressive Meal
Kicking off with after-dinner coffee, moving on to pudding, followed by main course and ending up with a starter!  Yes, it's a meal in reverse....
6.45 at The Bear

Fri 13th February
Abbey All-Night Prayer Vigil
Prayer, Bible-study and possibly some space-hopper-racing at the Abbey.  (As well as the chance to get some sleep!)  Followed by cooked breakfast.  You'll need to bring a sleeping bag.
Bath Abbey, 10.00pm

Thurs 25th March
Eggs & Easter
It's no yolk! (sorry).  Egg Marbling, and a discussion on the debunking of "Easter Conspiracy Theories".
6.15 Chaplaincy Centre