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Previous programmes – Autumn 2003
Thursday 16 October
Moving Genes – Evolving Promise or Un-Natural Selection?
A Chaplaincy Public Lecture by Professor John Bryant (an eminent biologist and Chair of Christians in Science).
Followed by pizza with BANG!.
6:15pm, Chaplaincy
Thursday 20 November
If you like to talk with tomatoes ...
The animated antics of a group of Christian vegetables.  Followed by a discussion about it.
6:15pm, Chaplaincy
Thursday 23 October
Snakes, spiders and Malaria
From leg-waxing to toilet-building and head-shaving to leading worship.  Steve's most excellent Kenyan adventures.
6:15pm, Chaplaincy
Thursday 27 November
Science and Christianity
Chaplaincy Public Lecture with Professor Sir John Polkinghome, speaking on "Is there a destiny after death?".
6:15pm, Chaplaincy
Thursday 30 October
See the report for details of what we got up to.
6:15pm, Chaplaincy
Thursday 4 December
Christmas Meal: Turkey & all the trimmings
This is what Christmas is all about (err, actually not really).
Caffe Uno, 7.30 (meet at the Huntsman at 7).  You don't have to have turkey!
Thursday 6 November
Bath What Society?
Four viewpoints on what an Anglican actually is.
6:15pm, Chaplaincy
Thursday 11 December
Carol is in the Abbey
University Carol Service.  A BANG! tradition and deservedly so.
7.30pm, Bath Abbey
Thursday 13 November
Not more holiday snaps!
This session will be lead by Sam: "our Chaplain met up with some vicar who needed two British Anglicans to go to America for free ..."  Come along and find out more!
6:15pm, Chaplaincy