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Previous programmes – Summer 2002
Thursday 25 April 2002
Beth on sheep
(and other Biblical animals)
6:15pm, Chaplaincy
Thursday 16 May 2002
The Best 2x2xFar
The two sides of (anti)disestablishmentarianism!
6:15pm, Chaplaincy
Thursday 2 May 2002
Cinematic Delights
We saw A Beautiful Mind in Robins Screen 3!
6:00pm, The Grapes
Thursday 23 May 2002
Fun and Fields with George
We had a lovely (if slightly muddy) walk down from campus to the George, and back into town along the canal.
6:00pm, Chaplaincy
Thursday 9 May 2002
Mother Sarah
6:15pm, Chaplaincy
Wednesday 19 June 2002
Alton Towers!
We took the Turners Coachways excursion from Bath at 6:30am and had a fantastic off-peak day with short queues and much adrenalin!