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Hello and welcome to the BANG! website!

BANG! is a small friendly society, whose events include discussion sessions on topical issues as well as many and varied social activities. Technically speaking, BANG! stands for University of Bath Anglican Society, but these days we are more Anglican by name than nature.

BANG! meets every Tuesday in the Chapliancy at 6.15. Feel free to come along and get involved whether or not you are a member.

If you are a new fresher (or just new to the society) and want to know more please click here.

If you have any questions, please email us at su5bang at or come along to one of our meetings.

To sign up and pay your £2.00 membership fee, please speak to one of the committee members at any of our meetings.

This is the old BANG! website. View the new website here!

For more news, check out the Student Christian Movement (SCM) news page and the Chaplaincy news page.


Latest news on the site

If you've just found our website (where have you been?), this is what we have been doing...

Retreat Report, AGM minutes and this year's quotes are now available on the site!

The Spring term programme is now up and running! Feel free to come along on Tuesdays at 6.15 in the Chaplaincy!

Last years quotes have now been uploaded!
Were you the most quoted person?

If you want to see some photos from last years events then check out the events in the photos gallery!

BANG! Retreat
This years retreat was from 22nd to 24th February 2008. Try this links to see Andrew's retreat report. Another brilliant weekend getting lost and stuffing our faces with some excellent cake.

For those who are interested, the BANG AGM '08 was held on the 26th February 2008 to elect the committee members for this academic year. To find out what happened check out the AGM minutes '08 and look at the committee page.


Committee Meeting Minutes
In the interests of transparency and also of letting new committees learn from (the mistakes of) previous ones, minutes from Committee Meetings are now archived on the site.

BANG! Leisurewear
Order yours today from a full and glorious range of fully customisable (you can choose your own name and/or slogan) BANG! items including T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, caps, skinni-fit T-shirts, athletic vests, boiler suits and fluorescent yellow security vests. No, I'm serious.


About the webmasters
This website is maintained by Ruth Baker & Laura Curtis (Publicity). To find out who else is on the BANG! 2007-2008 Committee, see the Committee page.