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BANG! Committee

These lovely people are the BANG! committee for 2007/08. They're here especially to make BANG! the exciting, fun, and very slightly strange place every Anglican society should be.

Chair: Adam Gundry
(replacing Thomas Morley)

Adam Gundry

Treasurer: Tom McLean
(replacing himself)

Tom McLean

Secretary: Andrew Hawkins
(replacing Adam Gundry)

Retreat / Social Organisers: Alison Mares and Christine Adams
(replacing Stephen Poole and Ed Silverstone)


Publicity: Ruth Baker and Laura Curtis
(replacing Ruth Baker)

Ed .

Hibernation Officer: Steve (the BANG! Bear)
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A new committee is elected annually at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), usually in February or March. They run BANG! from the beginning of the following summer term until the end of the spring term (one year). Being on the committee is not as difficult as you might think, and it looks great on your CV!   (Also, we'll choose a nice photo of you for this page instead of an embarassing one if you'd prefer...)

See the minutes from the 2008 AGM.

The duties of each member, apart from generally helping out with organisation of things as and when necessary, are:

Chair: To oversee what goes on, prompt and nag to make sure things are done, organise committee meetings.

Treasurer: To keep an eye on the budget, claim money from the Students Union when needed and handle paying in and out of the BANG! account.

Secretary: Take minutes at meetings and make sure everyone has some idea of what's going on.

Retreat Organisers: Take on the year-round task of getting speakers, attendees, transport and food for the Annual Retreat in Legge House, and also booking the place and ensuring they get paid at the right times. This does not mean exclusive organising of the Retreat - more co-ordinating it, and making sure everything gets done by somebody.

Publicity: To keep the website up to date, produce posters and fliers for Freshers Week, the Chaplaincy notice board, termly programmes, and the Retreat. May include sending of weekly emails to members about events, or this responsibility may go to the Chair.

Social Secretaries: To co-ordinate social events, especially the Christmas Meal, and make sure everyone understands that even Anglicans can have fun.

Previous Committee Meeting Minutes are now archived on this site.