These lovely people are the BANG! committee for 2010/11. They’re here especially to make BANG! the exciting, fun, and very slightly strange place every Anglican society should be.

Chair: James Madgwick

Role: to oversee what goes on, prompt and nag to make sure things are done, organise committee meetings.

Treasurer: Chris Guiver

Role: to keep an eye on the budget, claim money from the Students Union when needed and handle paying in and out of the BANG! account.

Secretary: Ruth Baker

Role: to take minutes at meetings and make sure everyone has some idea of what’s going on.

Social Secretary: Jayne Trickett

Role: to co-ordinate social events, especially the Christmas Meal, and make sure everyone understands that even Anglicans can have fun.

Hibernation Officer: Steve the BANG! Bear

Role: who knows?

A new committee is elected annually at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), usually in February or March.

Previous committee meeting minutes are now archived on this site.