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Interested in seeing behind the scenes at Freshers' Week 2014?

Backstage will be having an open session in the Sports Hall on Saturday the 27th from 2PM where you can come and see what makes Fresher's Week tick. We've spent months putting together the designs, days putting it all together, and hours crewing it each night. We draw about 100kw of power (that's 100 kettles on constantly for the whole evening - though not literally!) and use several kilometres of cable

As well as being involved with large events like Fresher's Week and the Summer and Snow Balls, we help put on around 100 events every year, ranging from the musicals by BUSMS and plays by BUST to the band nights in The Tub and the events by the lake. You need absolutely no experience to join - all the training you could possibly want is available to you - just the drive to try something new.

Come and see us on Saturday the 27th or join up on!

BUSMS Fame 2012, built by Backstage

Backstage Technical Services is a society formed of students at the University of Bath, who provide technical expertise to other Students' Union Clubs and Societies and event organisers in Sound, Lighting and Stage Management.

We offer support at a wide range of events including the Students' Union's Summer Ball and Freshers' Week, theatre performances from student and external performers, band and club nights in The Tub and many more.
We work both on- and off-campus providing lighting, sound, set design, pyrotechnic, stage management and event management expertise.

Whether you're interested in booking us to support your event, or are a student at the University of Bath interested in joining us, please explore the site and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

  Backstage Technical Services, University of Bath Students' Union, Claverton Down, BATH, BA2 7AY
Generously supported by the University of Bath Alumni Fund.