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  1. Fluorescent Copper(II) Bis(thiosemicarbazonates): Synthesis, Structures, Electron Paramagnetic Resonance, Radiolabelling, In Vitro Cytotoxicity and Confocal Fluorescence Microscopy Studies
    S. I. Pascu,* P. A. Waghorn, B. W.C. Kennedy, R. L. Arrowsmith, S. R. Bayly, J. R. Dilworth, M. Christlieb, R. M. Tyrrell, J. Zhong, R. M. Kowalczyk, D. Collison, P. K. Aley, G. C. Churchill and F. I. Aigbirhio,
    Chem.- Asian. J. 2010, 5 , 506
  2. Understanding the Nature of the States Responsible for the Green Emission in Oxidized Poly(9,9-dialkylfluorene)s: Photophysics and Structural Studies of Linear Dialkylfluorene/Fluorenone Model Compounds
    K.L. Chan, M. Sims , S. I. Pascu, M. Ariu, A. B. Holmes, D. D. C. Bradley
    Adv. Funct. Mat. 2009, 19(13) , 2147
  3. Design considerations towards simultaneously radiolabelled and fluorescent imaging probes incorporating metallic species
    S. I. Pascu*, P. A. Waghorn, T. Conry, B. Lin, C. James and J. Zayed
    Adv. Inorg. Chem. 2009, Vol 61, Ed C. Hubbard and R. van Eldik, Elsevier, Amsterdam, Vol. 61, Chapter 3, Pages: 131-178
  4. Synthesis and anion binding properties of an indolocarbazole-containing [2]rotaxane
    A. Brown, K. M. Mullen, J. Ryu, M. J. Chmielewski, V. Felix, A. L. Thompson, J. E. Warren, S. I. Pascu and P. D. Beer
    J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2009 , 131(13), 4937, .
  5. Interactions between tripodal porphyrin hosts and Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes: an experimental and theoretical (DFT) account
    S. I. Pascu*, N. Kuganathan, L. H. Tong, R. M. J. Jacobs, P. J. Barnard, B. T. Chu, Y. Huh, G. Tobias, C. G. Salzmann, J. K. M. Sanders, M. L.H. Green and J. C. Green
    J. Mater. Chem., 2008, 18, 2781
  6. Cellular confocal fluorescence studies of the cytotoxic activity of new Zn(II) bis(thiosemicarbazonato) complexes
    S. I. Pascu*, P. A. Waghorn, T. D. Conry, B. Lin, H. M. Betts, J. R. Dilworth, R. B. Sim, G. C. Churchill, F. I. Aigbirhio and J. E. Warren
    Dalton Trans., 2008, 2107
  7. Towards new Copper based radiopharmaceuticals
    P. Barnard, S. Bayly, H. Betts, P. Bonnitcha, M. Christlieb, J. Dilworth, J. Holland and S. I. Pascu
    Quarterly J. Nucl. Med., 2008, 52, 174
  8. Synthesis, structures and catalytic properties of Iron(III) complexes with asymmetric N-capped tripodal NO3 ligands and a pentadentate N2O3 ligand
    L. H. Tong, Y.-L. Wong, S. I. Pascu and J. R. Dilworth
    Dalton Trans., 2008, 4784
  9. Encapsulation of a heptamethine cyanine dye by rotaxane formation
    C. M. S. Yau, S. I. Pascu, S. A. Odom, J. E. Warren, E. J. F. Klotz, M. J. Frampton, C. K. Williams, V. Coropceanu, M. K. Kuimova, D. Phillips, S. Barlow, J.-L. Brédas, S. R. Marder, V. Millar and H. L. Anderson
    Chem. Commun., 2008, 2897
  10. Synthesis of (+)-Obtusenyne
    S. Y. F. Mak, N. R. Curtis, A. N. Payne, M. S. Congreve, A. J. Wildsmith, C. L. Francis, J. E. Davies, S. I. Pascu, J. W. Burton and A. B Holmes
    Chem. Eur. J., 2008, 14(9), 2867.
  11. Supramolecular assemblies of tripodal porphyrin hosts and C60
    L. H. Tong, J.-L. Wietor, W. Clegg, P. R. Raithby, S. I. Pascu*, J. K. M. Sanders*
    Chem. Eur. J., 2008, 14(10),3035.
  12. Designing Zn(II) and Cu(II) derivatives as probes for in vitro fluorescence imaging
    S. I. Pascu*, P. A. Waghorn, T. D. Conry, H. M. Betts, J. R. Dilworth, G. C. Churchill, T. Pokrovska, M. Christlieb, F. I. Aigbirhio and J. E. Warren
    Dalton Trans., 2007, 4988.
  13. Structures and solution dynamics of cation-mediated pseudorotaxanes
    S. I. Pascu*, C. Naumann, Guido Kaiser, Andrew Bond, J. K. M. Sanders and T. Jarrosson*
    Dalton Trans., 2007, 3874.
  14. Bis(ketopyrrolyl) complexes of Co(II) stabilised by trimethylphosphine Ligands
    S. A. Carabineiro, P. T. Gomes, L.F. Veiros, C. Freire, L. C. J. Pereira, R. T. Henriques, J. E. Warren and S. I. Pascu
    Dalton Trans., 2007, 5460.
  15. Synthesis and characterization of tetrahedral and square planar bis-iminopyrrolyl complexes of Cobalt(II)
    S. A. Carabineiro, L. C. Silva, P. T. Gomes, L. C. J. Pereira, Luís F. Veiros, S. I. Pascu, M. T. Duarte, S. Namorado and R. T. Henriques
    Inorg. Chem., 2007, 46(17), 6880.
  16. Structure-reactivity correlations in new W(IV) and Nb(IV) silicon-bridged ansa-metallocene hydrides
    S. L.J. Conway, M. L. H. Green*, S. I. Pascu* and H. O. Peake
    Polyhedron, 2006, 25, 406.
  17. Synthesis and structural investigations of bulky imino- and amido-phosphine Palladium dimers
    S. I. Pascu*, G. D.W. Anderson, M. L. H. Green*, J. C. Green*, N. H. Rees and A. R. Cowley
    Inorg. Chim Acta, 2006, 359, 3677.
  18. Noncovalent interactions within a synthetic receptor can reinforce guest binding
    Z. Rodriguez-Docampo, S. I. Pascu, S. Kubik and S.Otto
    J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2006, 128(34) 11206.
  19. Large-scale synthesis of alkyne-linked tripodal porphyrins via Palladium-mediated coupling conditions
    L. H. Tong, S. I. Pascu, T. Jarrosson and J. K. M. Sanders
    Chem. Commun.,  2006, 1085
  20. Bringing supramolecular chemistry to life
    S. Otto, S. Kubik, S. I. Pascu, P.T. Corbett and Z. Rodriguez-Docampo
    Beilstein Institute Proceedings, Bozen, Italy, 2006, p. 207-219
  21. Synthesis, structure and solution dynamics of neutral allyl Nickel complexes of N-heterocyclic carbenes
    L. C. Silva, P.T. Gomes, L. F. Veiros, M.T. Duarte, S. I. Pascu, J. R. Ascenso and A. R. Dias
    Organometallics, 2006, 25(18), 4391.
  22. Triplet energy back transfer in conjugated polymers with pendant phosphorescent Iridium complexes
    N. R. Evans, L. Sudha Devi, C. S. K. Mak, S. E. Watkins, S. I. Pascu, A. Kohler, R. H. Friend, C.K. Williams, A.B. Holmes
    J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2006, 128(34), 11206.
  23. Synthesis of triplet emitters and hosts for electrophosphorescence
    K. L. Chan, C. S. K. Mak, N. R. Evans, S. Watkins, S. I. Pascu, A. B. Holmes, A. Hayer, A. Koehler, L. S. Devi, R. H. Friend
    Proceedings of SPIE-The International Society for Optical Engineering (Organic Light-Emitting Materials and Devices IX),  2005, 5937, 59370B/1-59370B/9.
  24. Poly(9,9-dialkyl-3,6-dibenzosilole) – a high energy gap host for phosphorescent light emitting devices
    K. L. Chan, S. E. Watkins, C. S. K. Mak, M. J. Mckiernan, C. R. Towns, S. I. Pascu and A. B. Holmes
    Chem. Commun.  2005, 5766.
  25. Dynamic synthesis of a macrocycle containing a porphyrin and an electron donor
    A. L. Kieran, S. I. Pascu, T. Jarrosson, M. J. Gunter and J. K. M. Sanders
    Chem. Commun. 2005, 1842.
  26. Inclusion of C60 into an adjustable porphyrin dimer generated by dynamic disulfide chemistry
    A. L. Kieran, S. I. Pascu, T. Jarrosson and J. K. M. Sanders
    Chem. Commun. 2005, 1276.
  27. Cation-reinforced donor-acceptor pseudorotaxanes
    S. I. Pascu, T. Jarrosson, C. Naumann, S. Otto and J. K. M. Sanders
    New J. Chem. 2005, 80.
  28. Blue-to-green electrophosphorescence of iridium-based cyclometallated materials
    C. S. K. Mak, A. Hayer, S. I. Pascu, S. E. Watkins, A. B. Holmes, A. Köhler and R. H. Friend
    Chem. Commun. 2005, 4708.
  29. Synthesis, structures and catalysis of thioether-phosphane complexes of Pd(II) and Pt(II)
    J. R. Dilworth, C. A. Maresca von Beckh W. and S. I. Pascu
    Dalton Trans. 2005, 2151.
  30. New cationic Palladium(II) and Rhodium(I) complexes of [Ph2PCH2C(Ph)=N(2,6-Me2C6H3)]
    S. I. Pascu*, K. S. Coleman, A. R. Cowley, M. L. H. Green and N. L. Rees
    J. Organomet. Chem 2005, 690, 1645.
  31. New group 10 complexes of the bulky iminophosphine ligands [Ph2PCH2C(Ph)=N(2,6-R2C6H3)], where R = Me, iPr.
    S. I. Pascu*, K. S. Coleman, A. R. Cowley, M. L. H. Green and N. L. Rees
    New J. Chem 2005, 385.