Trin2009Research group news:


Zhiyuan Hu's paper published in Advanced Functional Materials (2012, 22(3), 503) was selected as an issue cover article

ZH paper in the University news 2012

Group's paper published in Chem.- Asian. J. (2010, 5, 506 - 519) - In recognition of 150 years of UK Japan diplomatic relations - was selected as a frontispiece article.

SIP lab in the University news 2012

SIP contribution to the Royal Society 350 Anniversary events 2010

Our work at the Research Complex at Harwell funded by the MRC was highlighthed in the CLF Annual Reports 2010
and again in 2011 (see pages 13-15 in this link) .

Selected SIP Group Events

Group members joining the SIP group in 2012 are: PDRAs - Rory Arrowsmith and Steve Flower (TSB grant with Intrinsiq Materials Ltd and AbCam Plc); PhDs - James Tyson (DTC, with Drs P. Estrela and S. Botchway) and Giles Prentice (BP Case award, with Drs D. Pantos and K. West); MSc/NatSci BSc research students - Mellissa Patel and Lisha Lim. Welcome to our group and good luck with the experiments!

Rory Arrowsmith submitted his PhD thesis in Metals in Medicine (Autumn 2012): Good luck with the Viva!

Marina Fabre, Giuliano Nigro and Thomas Marie (ESCOM, France) completed successfully their research stages in the group as Summer Placement Students 2012, working in biosensing and imaging applications of graphene oxide-based supramolecular hybrids

Zhiyuan Hu passed his PhD viva in Carbon Nanotubes for Biomedical Imaging Applications on 7 June 2012 - well done! PhD Examiners were Prof Frank Marken and Dr James Redman (Cardiff). Best of luck for the future!

Francesca Falluto, Rebecca Coote, Eliza Lambidis and Suha Farag completed undergraduate research projects in carbon nanomaterials and molecular imaging in the group 2011-2012! Good luck with the Summer exams!

SIP helped organise the UK Hong Kong Frontiers of Science, Royal Society Kavli Centre, September 2011 .

Johann Stojanovic and Sebastien Lavocat, from ESCOM France, completed research stages in the group as Summer Placement Students 2011

Well done Haobo Ge and Rosie Chhatwal for completing MRes projects in the group in Spring 2011 - and congratulations on your return to Bath in October 2011 as PhD students! Also, congratulations to Francesca Phillips and Ibbi Achmet for completing NatSci BSc research projects 2010-2011!

Fatima Merzoug joined the group as an Erasmus Student (Poitiers University) for Summer 2010 and Elliot Davis returned to the group as a Royal Society Summer Student 2010

Wellcome Ross Exton, Elliot Davies and Rebecca Diment to the group as MChem students 2009-2010!

Well done Jennifer Williams, Harriet Lock-Ingham and Graham Reed for completing MChem projects 2008-2009! Well done jenny for a PhD position at King's College London with Prof. Phil Blower

Welcome to Justin Dong who joined the group as a full time MRes student (January 2009)

February 2009: Rory, Zhiyuan and Sofia participate in the annual ZUROX Network meetings at Trin, Switzerland - with the collaborating groups of Prof Roger Alberto, Dr Bernhard Spingler and Prof Jon Dilworth

December 2008: Rory presented his work at the Cambridge Medicinal Chemistry Meeting
Rory, Zhiyuan and Sofia joined the JRD group, Oxford, for end of term celebrations at St Anne's College

Congratulations to Brett Kennedy for election as the Downing College Cambridge MCR president!


September 2008: Rory, Brett and Sofia took part in the Oxford Imaging Festival.

October 2007: First SIP group members starting at Bath - MSc students Catrin James, Lora Murray and Brett Kennedy. Their research work is in supramolecular chemistry, metals in medicine and nanomedicine, molecular imaging