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Ph.D. Students



Paul Cowper (4th year)



Toby Nash (3rdyear)


Toby is working as part of the Lewis group and has a passion for developing and learning novel synthetic strategies.  His work is partly funded by Almac Group,  and centres around microbial cis-dihydroxylation of arenes.  Such microbial cis-hydroxylation reactions could lead to the synthesis of key precursors to a range of pharmaceutically important molecules. Toby completed his MChem in Chemistry at the University of Warwick in 2014.  During his final year, he worked alongside Dr Graham Pattison in developing the electrophilic fluorination of dicarbonyls using iodine (III) compounds. In his spare time, Toby enjoys staying/getting fit, cooking, travel and music.



Ben Alexander (3rd year)


Ben Alexander is a third year PhD student funded by the EPSRC. He is working within the Lewis group on the rational design and synthesis of natural product analogues as well as with Exeter Medical School in order to further examine the anti-austerity rationale for pancreatic cancer drug development. Ben graduated from the University of Exeter with a degree in Biological and Medicinal Chemistry in 2012. He then spent two years working within the chemical sciences for the Civil Service. In his spare time, Ben enjoys spending time with friends and family, as well as going to the cinema and travelling. 



Lloyd Murfin (1st year)


Lloyd is in his first year of his PhD (funded by EPSRC), after joining the Lewis group in 2016. His work is aimed at synthesizing unusual carbon nanohoops, an area of chemistry that has seen rapidly growing interest since 2008. Lloyd has always had passion for organic chemistry, and looks forwards to furthering his practical knowledge over the next few years. Lloyd graduated with an MChem for Drug Discovery from the university of Bath, where he was awarded the RW Bolland Prize for graduating top of his cohort. He enjoys attempting to keep fit and relaxing with friends.



Carlos Lopez Alled  (1st year CSCT CDT PhD student)


I studied Chemistry in the University of Zaragoza (Spain), my birthplace. From the beginning I been interested in organic chemistry and synthetic work. So, in my last year I got to do my final degree’s project in the laboratory of Asymmetric Synthesis with Professor Tomas Tejero, there I started the synthesis of chiral natural products. After that I worked on  carbon nanotubes in the Instituto de Carboquimica de Aragon (Carbon-chemistry Institute of Aragon) funded by CSIC. Now I am doing my PhD in the University of Bath where I will synthesize novel natural compounds, keen to learn more and to travel UK. I enjoy spending time running, reading and going out with friends.




Masters, Undergraduate and Joint PhD students


Dominic Ferdani (CSCT CDT PhD with Petra Cameron and Andrew Johnson)


Dominic graduated from Warwick University with an MChem in Chemistry in 2014. This included a research project with Dr Adrian Chaplin looking into Rhodium macrocyclic complexes. He is currently working on a project on perovskite solar cells. In his spare time he enjoys playing a variety of sports with American Football being his current favourite.




Naomi Elstone  (CDT PhD with Karen Edler and David Leak)



Debra Quinn (PhD with David Leak, Chris Pudney and Jean van den Elsen)


Debra is a first year ESPRC funded PhD student working in collaboration with Biological Sciences and Chemistry. Her current research is focused on developing new templates for the directed evolution of biocatalysts, which will include the creation of a folding protein scaffold with minimal functional decoration as well as the creation of ancestral proteins based on sequence phylogeny.  Debra graduated MReS at the University of Portsmouth in 2016 where she worked on identifying a new pathway in the matrix metalloproteinase network.  Her undergraduate research project was characterizing and improving glycoside hydrolases for use in biofuel industry. In her spare time Debra enjoys spending time with family and friends, food, music and cinema. 



Mike McCoy  (MChem student)


Currently in his 4th year MChem, Chemistry for Drug Discovery at the University of Bath. Currently Michael is working on photochemical methods for meta, para dihydroxylation of arenes. In the summer Mike worked on a rapid complexity generation within the Lewis group. His focal academic interest is organic synthesis with application in the pharmaceutical industry, particularly cancer and microbial research. Outside of academia, Mike is passionate about rugby and is a keen fisherman



Freddie Martin  (MChem student)



Ryan Stendall  (MChem student)







Former Group Members


Dr Anthony P. Gee  (PhD student 2012-2016) - now working at Peakdale Molecular.


Dr Kathryn A. Wills (PhD student 2009-2014) - now working at the National Physical Laboratory, Teddington.


Dr Catherine L. Lyall (PhD student 2010-2014) - now an NMR Specialist for the Chemical Characterisation and Analysis Facility, University of Bath.


Dr Julia A. Griffen (PhD student 2009-2013) - now working at Cobalt Light Systems, Oxford.


Dr Mario Uosis-Martin (PhD student 2008-2012) - Medicinal Chemist at Redx Pharmaceuticals.  contact at: Mario.Uosis-Martin (at) bath.edu


Dr Monika Ali Khan (PhD student 2008-2012)  Analyst at Bath ASU Ltd. contact at: Monika.Ali.Khan (at) bath.edu


Dr Maksims Jevglevskis (MRes 2010-2011) - now a Postdoc in Bath department of Pharmacy