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For semester 2 of 2016/17, seminars will take place in CB 5.7, at 13:15 on Wednesdays unless otherwise indicated.

The expectation is that all PhD students and postdocs will speak at least once during the year. Talks should be 30-45 minutes, plus time for questions. They can be about your own research or about other relevant science. Please be sure to include a general introduction for those of us in the group who are not experts. Academic staff and visitors are also welcome (encouraged!) to speak.


Wed 8-Feb Prof Nigel Wilding A critical look at superhydrophobicity
Wed 15-Feb Dr Ian Thompson Microscopic Origins of OSC Charge Transport
Wed 22-Feb Arunkumar Bupathy (IIT Delhi) Non-equilibrium studies of some complex systems with disorder and long-range interactions
Wed 1-Mar Dr Rob Jack Self-assembly and crystallisation in simple models of colloidal systems
Wed 8-Mar Tobias Brewer
Tom McManus
Efficient Simulations of Rare Events in Physical Systems

Hydrogen bond energy calculations and their effect on the rigidity of protein chains
Wed 15-Mar Prof David Bird Leaky modes
Wed 22-Mar Dr Ben Morgan (Bath chemistry) Using molecular dynamics simulations to explore diffusion in solid lithium-ion electrolytes
Wed 29-Mar Josh Thompson
Aitor Garcia-Ruiz
Valley polarised tunneling currents in vertical graphene heterostructures
Unmasking superconductivity with ERS
Wed 5-Apr Matt Cook
and Paul Secular
Driven Quantum Materials
TNT vs. the Curse of Dimensionality
Easter Break
Wed 26-Apr Dr Kit Yates (Bath mathematics) Connecting coarse- and fine-grained reaction-diffusion models
Wed 3-May Dr Francesco Turci (Bristol) Binary Crystals and Kinetic Traps
End of semester

Older talks

2016/17, S1
Wed 5-Oct Introductory meeting
Wed 12-Oct Dr Hendrik van Eerten
(Bath astrophysics)
Dynamics and emission of relativistic blast waves
Wed 19-Oct Dr Lachlan Marnham (Exeter) Like charges attract: an anomalous electron-electron pairing effect in graphene
Wed 26-Oct Dr Dick James Crow social behaviour
Thu 27-Oct* Dr Stephen Clark On the 2016 Nobel prize in physics
Wed 2-Nov Dr Tiago Peixoto
(Bath mathematics)
Inferring the large-scale structure of networks
Wed 9-Nov Dr Martin Kiffner (Oxford) Rydberg quantum technologies
Wed 16-Nov Alex Sparkes, Joey Tindall,
Simon Flavell
MPhys project talks
Wed 23-Nov Mary Coe, Hugh Clough,
Matt Woodhill
MPhys project talks
Wed 30 Nov** Prof Jamshed Anwar (Lancaster) Solubility prediction from molecular simulation
Wed 7-Dec Prof Dmitry Skryabin Polariton solitons
Wed 14-Dec Dr Dibya Ghosh
James Cave
Cation-Mixing in Hybrid Perovskites
Dark Current Transients in Perovskite Solar Cells
End of semester
*Nanoscience series, 13:15 in 3-west 4.7
**Different location: 8-west 2.8.

2015/16, S2
Wed 3-Feb Tsimhei Wan Optimising self-assembly of patchy particles
Wed 10-Feb Alex Daniels Applications of FRODA, From Small Molecules to Conjugated Polymers to Antibodies
Wed 17-Feb Dr Lester Hedges Noisy level set topology optimisation
Wed 24-Feb Ed Wastell Polymorph selection in 2d patchy particles
Wed 2-Mar Dr Simon O'Kane Drift-diffusion Simulations of Perovskite Solar Cells with Moving Ions
Wed 9-Mar Dr Richard Sear (Surrey) Are some amorphous states a bicontinuous microemulsion of polymorphs?
Wed 16-Mar Miranda Bane A networks approach to understanding pollinator problems.
Easter break
Wed 6-Apr Tom McManus / Tobias Brewer "Forget the KMC, let's talk antibodies - by a Physicist" / Efficient Simulation of Rare Events
Wed 13-Apr Dr John Russo (Bristol) Lost in phase space: the thermodynamics of good glass formers
Wed 20-Apr Dr Doug Ashton (Mango Solutions) From Physics to Data Science
Wed 27-Apr Joshua Thompson
and Tom Underwood
Hofstadter's Butterfly in Graphene/hBN Heterostructures
Introduction to DL Monte
End of semester

2015/16, S1
Wed 30-Sep Introductory meeting
Wed 7-Oct Dr Stephen Clark "Who am I and what do I do?"
Wed 14-Oct Dr Ian Thompson Organic semiconductors on many length scales
Wed 21-Oct Dr Tom Underwood Disordered alloys and phase-switch Monte Carlo
Fri 30-Oct* Prof Subir K. Das (Bangalore) Nucleation and Growth in Fluid Phase Transitions
Fri 7-Nov* Dr Alessandro Patti (Manchester) Rattling-and-jumping diffusion in colloidal liquid crystals
Wed 11-Nov Dept colloquium
Wed 18-Nov Oliver Gibson and Paul Belcher "When CUDA met FRODA - a love story(?)"
(MPhys project)
Wed 25-Nov Matt Randall and Tom Greenrod A physicists' approach to protein folding (MPhys project)
Wed 2-Dec James Cave Energy Transfer in Binary and Ternary Bulk Heterojunction Organic Solar Cells
Wed 9-Dec Damien Leech Electronic structure of bilayer graphene on an incommensurate hexagonal substrate

* In 8-west 2.8, at 2:30pm

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