Text Box: Some of the older, but just as exciting, news in the LAM group

20/12/11           Our work is identified as “Cutting Edge Chemistry in 2011” by the Royal Society of Chemistry.


13/12/11           Anita’s J. Appl. Cryst. (X-ray and neutron attenuation correction factors for spherical samples)

                          is published.


07/11/11           Our work features in Laboratory News “What a difference a D2O makes”.


25/10/11           Our work features in New Scientist “Water’s quantum weirdness makes life possible”.


24/10/11           Phil Salmon is interviewed for Materials Today “Neutron Scattering and Isotopic Substitution”.


13/10/11           Our PRB (Structural properties of liquid Ge2Se3: A first-principles study) which resulted

                          from a collaboration with Strasbourg is published.


10/10/11           Our work features in Physics World “Oxygen isotopes boost neutron scattering”.


06/10/11           Our work features in Chemistry World “Oxygen Isotopes help to probe water’s structure”.


04/10/11           Our work features in Science Daily “New Technique for Understanding Quantum Effects in



03/10/11           Our work features in Physorg.com “A new technique for understanding quantum effects in


01/10/11           Keiron Pizzey joins our group as a PhD student.                    


30/09/11           Our PRL (Oxygen as a Site Specific Probe of the Structure of Water and Oxide

                          Materials) is finally published.

                          This work is also covered in the Institut Laue-Langevin News.



04/09/11           Project Student Andrew Revell wins second Prize in the Oldfield award competition

                          of the Society of Glass Technology.