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Characterisation of the Physical, Chemical and Electronic Properties of Solids on the Nanometre Scale

People in the Positron Group, Present and Past

Another picture of paul by a beam

Prof. Paul Coleman Head of the Positron Research Group
Ext: 3370 P.G.Coleman@bath.ac.uk

Charlene Edwardson: Postdoctoral Fellow studying the properties of ice films and investigating defects in materials

ext: 3207 c.j.edwardson@bath.ac.uk

Sam Townrow

Sam Townrow: Postdoctoral Fellow studying the properties of ice films

ext: 3207  s.townrow@bath.ac.uk

Alexis Kallis Former PhD Student: investigated spin-polarised positron beam spectroscopy

Professor Wu Yichu Visiting Professor in 2008-9 from Wuhan University, China


Nathan Potter Former Research Student: Investigated positron beam spectroscopy of voids in silicon


Dana Al Abdulmalik Former PhD student: Positron annihilation & positronium spectroscopy of vacancies & vacancy clusters in thin films and epilayers. d.malik@qu.edu.qa

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Dr. Paul Burrows Postdoc: Investigated high-k oxide dielectric films on semiconductors

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Ruth Mason  Former PhD student: Positron annihilation spectroscopy of thin films

Pi Xiaodong: Former PhD student: vacancy complexes and nanoparticles

Farhad Malik: Former PhD student: positron beam studies of defects in semiconductors

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Harry Bone BSc. Chief Technician for Positron Physics
Ext: 3207 H.Bone@bath.ac.uk

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